Thursday, December 2, 2010

Hear that sound? that's god laughing while you make plans.

This my friends is EXACTLY what makes zombie fiction great. I won't lie, it's taken awhile to get there and it hasn't always been pretty, but this is EXACTLY the kind of episode I had been waiting for. Here is where zombie films in general go wrong, to much emphasis is put on zombies not enough on the people who survived the zombie apocalypse. The good movies focus on the survivors and mainly on how they change when society is fallen. This episode was the perfect example.

So FIRST, at the end of the last episode you've got an attack at the camp, the hot sister dies leaving the not as attractive but still kinda attractive just older but not hot like the other girl was hot....sister alive? you've got a dead wife beater leave a no longer beaten wife, but still bruised, and a (I assume at least it's really implied) a no longer sexually abused daughter, as well as all the main characters Rick Grimes, Laurie Grimes, Carl Grimes, Shane Walsh, Daryl Dixon, The little Asian Guy, the Old Man, the not as hot blond with the hot dead sister, some hispanic family who really has nothing to do with anything, T-Dog, The woman who misses her Maytag, there's probably others. So we've reached a point where important decisions need to be made, obviously this is going to cause a lot of drama.

So as we enter the episode we have Not as Hot Blonde morning the loss of Hot Sister, and also refusing to let any of the other survivors desecrate her body and thus keep her from becoming a zombie herself. The rest of the survivors are "cleaning up" the camp making sure the walkers and now dead survivors don't pose a problem in the future, as the remaining survivors figure this out it starts to cause a rift in the group, some think they should shoot the Hottie in the head from a distance, while others think they need to let Not As Hottie be so she can mourn her sister in peace.

During clean up, Maytag notices that the guy who dug all the graves in the last episode was bit. This leads to TWO different view points, kill him or let him live. So drama starts between the survivors. We have several people REALLY hating the idea that one of their own could become a walker and wanting him dead before it happens, and we have people who think that it's inhumane. the group also realizes that they're in tents and tents aren't exactly good cover from zombies, and they need somewhere safer. Rick suggests finding the CDC since they were looking for a cure and Shane suggests going to an army base 100 miles in the opposite direction.

What this boils down to is there are rifts forming in the group, and as a result the group is acting less civilized, and willing to go to extreme lengths to prove their point. Again I'm trying to keep from spoiling anything so I'm keeping this short, but by the end of this episode, you've got a completely different series than what I was expecting (having read the comics) and am really enjoying as a result. If you haven't checked out the series by now, you really need to.

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