Tuesday, December 7, 2010

As I sit and wait to fail my chem test

I'd like to express my thoughts on the finale of the Walking Dead.

all and all I thought the show was pretty good and generally fun, my main problem with the series was the characters that were killed off seemed like they were to die. A lot of them I didn't even know their names, So my main problem with the show, main characters really good, side characters not so good needed to feel more whole.

The finale was a decent episode, I would be disappointed if they hadn't renewed the series for a second season, there are loose ends that they didn't tie up and I really wanted to see where they were going.

The episode was the Doctor from the CDC trying to kill everyone. that's it, that's the entire episode. there is ONE touching scene between the not as hot blonde and the old man (seriously 6 episodes and I can't remember their names to save my life! Andrea and Dustin? dexter? Dale?) of all the side characters they were the best developed. Maybe Daryl and Glenn I can actually remember their names but I considered them more or less main characters, they have two whole episodes where they're very involved in the story.

this is a crummy review (typical) but I feel this is crummier than normal. here's a list of loose ends I'd like to see tied up in season two.

Merle Dixon (hasn't been seen since episode 2)
those black guys from episode 1(haven't been seen since episode 1) are on their way to Atlanta
Shane and Laurie's love affair(shane has almost raped laurie and has almost killed rick, how much longer will he be around?)

that's all I can think of for right now, they've left enough open to keep me interested in next season.

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