Monday, July 11, 2011

The Fly

ok, first I want to give a life lesson to the 1 woman who may actually read this. If you meet a man at a party, and he says "I can show you my research back at my lab" and then proceeds to take you to a weird factory building that's deserted. He's not gonna sleep with you, he's trying to rape and potentially murder you. Now, when you tape him talking about his research and he's very insistent that you not write a story about it but you leave and he follows you to work! Don't sleep with him, that's just asking him to turn in to a giant man-fly and vomit on on a doughnut so it digests outside his body and he can eat it..... fly's are gross. Seriously, the research I'm doing for this article is by far the LEAST enjoyable of any research I've ever done. I keep having to look at pictures of bugs and bugs are gross.

This review is gonna be a clusterfuck, I've been writing it over the course of three days in the middle of studying for tests and I have no idea where I'm going with anything sorry.

Have I mentioned David Cronenberg is gross? I had seen "The Fly" before and I enjoyed it, I also enjoyed it during this viewing, but his other works include a movie which can only be referred to as "shit cock" it's either Shivers or Slither or something like that. I'll google it. "Naked Lunch?" that can't be right? (I seriously googled Shit-cock, Cronenberg and naked lunch was the first thing that popped up) It's called Shivers quick link to it's Wikipedia page

and here's a picture of the monster from the movie, that thing that kinda looks like poop in that guys mouth, it's penis shaped, Honestly, it's just gross. Regardless, from the start of the horror film, horror directors have had to find new ways to shock audiences, when monsters weren't enough anymore Hammer added blood and boobs to their films, when those weren't enough Hitchcock added an element of surprise and "your neighbor may be trying to kill you" which scared audiences at the time. By the 80's most of our neighbors were trying to kill us so that idea stopped being scary, but the idea of being raped by a shit-cock? WELL, that's horrifying.....back then today that happens all the time. SO now we just show people being annoying and getting slaughter. Very natural progression really. How does this related to the fly? It's got a lot of grossness in it, like a lot. There's one part where Gena davis pulls off his lower jaw, a lot of vomiting, Jeff Goldblum, probably other things that would gross me out.

Third sitting! OK, So I was gonna review it but I've lost all train of thought. For those of you who don't know, Jeff Goldblum becomes a fly, and if you haven't caught on there's a lot of grossness to it.

Getting back to the grossness I'm left with this question, are Cronenberg movies the granddaddy of torture porn? And try to follow but every generation of horror movie has to out shock the last generation. For example we had the Universal monster movies, those lasted till the 50's then Hammer took over. Hammer horror had blood AND BOOBS! (this was in the 60's and 70's it's not as direct as I'm making it out to be) but then just a monster attacking people wasn't enough you needed a monster that was fucked up by society attacking people, Hitchcock gave us that in Psycho. When that wasn't enough anymore the gore factor had to be upped, when the gore factor was upped what else was there to do? Sew 3 people together ass to mouth? set up elaborate and gory traps for people to help improve their lives kinda? allow Eli Roth to make movies? regardless, there was gore in the 80's and 90's but I feel like that was in line with the direction horror movies were taking, while Cronenberg maybe skipped some steps in this process and went right to the height technology would take him at the time.

Back to the fly and gonna wrap this up, it's definitely worth the watch if you haven't seen it, if you have a weak stomach I wouldn't recommend it, but it's a lot of fun and there are some great performances by Jeff Goldblum...and that's it. Either way, I'm ending this before I get to my 8th sitting.


Danielle said...

this review makes me never want to see the fly and i feel nauseous. I also spent the better part of the last 9 years trying to FORGET that shitcock movie. The part where it comes out of a shower drain and kills a woman via her vagina...seriously so gross. and why the hell did she just lay in the tub terrified!? if that thing was limping it's way towards me i sure as hell wouldn't stay in the tub with it.

Jim said...

I like when you talk about horror in the context of its history. It's interesting to me.

Speaking of which, what about religious horror in the 70's? The Exorcist and The Wicker Man came out right about the same time.

Resmo112 said...

There's a lot more in that time frame too. Rosemary's baby (technically 60's but whatever), The Omen, plenty of others. It's actually a bit strange I was writing a horror history entry for this blog and one of my big hang ups is the 70's. But it's not easy you really need to know a lot about the history of the period and there's just so much going on in that time period.