Wednesday, March 9, 2011


The girl who's been stalking me through my on demand, Corri English, starred in a movie called
"Unrest." When I first saw this movie I was convinced it was part of the "After Dark Horror Film Festival" that's held every year where "up and coming" film makers debut their edgy new horror films that are "or something like that. They're then distributed After Dark films(ummm porn studio?) regardless, I haven't been able find a roster for one of those fests, that actually has this movie on it, but it's listed on Wikipedia for the 2006 festival. This movie was so bad the festival that made "Nightmare Man" doesn't want to take credit for it. (you can also see it's on the box art, again I can find images on google, but the actual store box art does not carry that the branded version of that movie, at best buy in Auburn hills, if your best buy does AWESOME!)

The movie is about a med school student, who is cyberly stalking me, and her gross anatomy class. A body that was donated to her gross anatomy class kills people.......that's it.

don't believe me? here's the tag line from IMDB.

"A young pathology med student suspects that the spirit of a dead cadaver in the hospital morgue where she works is killing off all those who handle or desecrate the body"

I tend to review these movies a lot and quite frankly it's because they're terrible. Everyone says "there are no good horror movies" and that's bullshit! there are plenty of fun exciting horror movies and quite a few of them tend to make the best movies of all time list. None of the movies from the After Dark Horrorfest that I've seen even make the top 1 jillion (I've probably seen about 1 jillion horror movies!) but this one particularly gets me and here are my reasons.

1) this girl and her fuck buddy take multiple formaldehyde baths. Why does this bug me? because it should've ended with them both being told they had cancer and are now dying, and then shown like the corpse lady laughing because in the end they killed themselves (this is a better ending, than the one this movie has)
2) "That's why they call it GROSS anatomy" is not funny. is it a disgusting class? yes, very very disgusting. Is the fact that the term gross is in a title for a class all based around playing with dead bodies, it's a bad pun. Whoever wrote it should be shot.
3) no one wears a mask in a room with about 13 dead bodies. Have you ever smelt a room with 13 dead formaldehyde soaked bodies?
4) it calls it's self the first film to use real bodies. This is FAR from true "Poltergist" used real skeletons and there was a movie that was released in 1994 called "Aftermath"that used corpses. There was a big controversy over it I was like 12 and remember hearing about so I can only assume the guy who made that stupid box art doesn't know how to use google in 2006 watch what happens when I type in "first film to use real corpses" into google, very first response is from

"Yes. In the 1982 film Poltergeist, in the scene where the mother falls into the pool and the skeletons attack her, the skeletons used were real, and were buried in the spot of the set. Likewise, in the 1987 Hong Kong film Men Behind the Sun, a genuine child's body was used for an autopsy scene"

IT TOOK ME LESS THAN 10 SECONDS TO PROVE THAT WRONG! and that answer doesn't even have the movie I was talking about BECAUSE IT WASN'T THE FIRST EITHER! It was beaten by like 10 years! final point here, WHY IS THIS IMPORTANT?!?!? does the fact that there are real bodies used in this movie make it scarier? it just makes it gross for the actors!

this is way to long and I haven't reviewed anything. I've just talked about problems I had with this movie. If you're looking for a movie to bore you to death, then please seek this out, if your'e a gore fiend and like torture porn, there are much grosser movies that aren't stupid, Finally if you consider yourself a fan of fun exciting horror movies crap I thought NIGHTMARE MAN was better so don't see this.

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