Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Pirates of the Caribbean 4: On Stranger Tides

I wanted to take a little bit of a break in between X-men: The First Class, and this one because unlike X-men I had very LOW expectations for this one, yet really really wanted it to be good. There are so few good pirate movies, in fact you'd think that this would've caused an explosion of pirate movies! I mean hollywood rips it's self off every chance it gets and Pirates of the Caribbean is a HUGE success and all we get are sequels to that? I expected "Pirates of the Mediterranean" "Pirates of the Aegean" "Pirates of the Baltic" and "Pirates of Penzance" all starring Skeet Ulrich! what'd we get? Pirates the porno! which was a porn in case you missed that part. Honestly, it's actually easier to find pirate themed rum than it is a decent pirate movie. The pirates movie actually brought out more quality pirate themed video games than movies, for example since the release of the first pirates movie we had Sid Meier's pirates relaunched, a relaunch of every monkey island game, a new monkey island game, a game called "Ghost Pirates of Vooju Island" 2 different Pirates of the Caribbean games, among many others.

This list claims to be the complete list of pirate movies, and it's sad.

it lists a documentary called "Sharks: Pirates of the deep" as a movie about pirates.

Regardless, I wanted this to be good, I wanted this to be exciting, fun and live up to the first movie, AND I wasn't to disappointed. It's still better than any movie based off a ride has any right to be, Penelope Cruz looks hot in it, Johnny Depp and Geoffery Rush return to reprise their roles, Ian McShane an actor I'm not very familiar with gives a very fun performance as BlackBeard, Keira Knightly and Orlando Bloom do not show up and are pretty much never mentioned! which is another bonus. It drags at parts, there's major problems like never once did I feel that Jack Sparrow is in any danger so never did the excitement really hit, but all and all it was a fun swashbuckling adventure.

The movie begins with Spanish fisherman finding a man in their nets, they think he's dead, he's not, and the spanish believe that he can lead them to the fountain of youth. This pisses the English off, and they send Captain Barbossa, who's recently entered His Majesty's Service. Jack Sparrow is also in London to free Gibbs from prison, he ends up on Blackbeard's ship with Penelope Cruz hilarity ensues! Basically what it boils down too, is if you enjoyed the first three you'll like this, if you weren't a fan of the third, there's still a chance you might like this, If you didn't like any of them don't see it.

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