Monday, July 4, 2011

From The Vaults of Resmo

Sorry Guys, it's Mid-Terms and I've been BUSY AS SHIT! This has been posted before, but I honestly think it's one of my better works. Please read and enjoy and I promise that both of you who religiously read this will have something new to read soon.

>Horror movies are said to depict what society is really afraid of, for example, when Hitchcock made Psycho it was 1960, and everyone was worried about the disentigration of the American family.(spoiler alert but if you haven't seen it but if you haven't shame on you!) So you have a movie about a woman turning her child into a psychopath. In the late 70's early 80's we had the teen slasher movies, which was a time where... I donno something about teenagers dying. Currently Americans biggest fear is small Japanese girls with black hair. Now in the late 80's early 90's as best as I can figure Americans were absolutely terrified of toys coming to life and murdering them. Demonic Toys (1992) Puppet Master (1988) Child's Play 1-infinite(1988 -end of time) Dolly Dearest(1992) Dolls (1987) to name a few. Not that killer toys was a new idea, apparently in the late 70's Anthony Hopkins was in a movie called "Magic" about Killer toys. There were episodes of the “Twilight Zone” with Killer toys too SOOOOO not exactly the newest idea at the time but like every toy was killing every owner of that toy and on a rare occasion possessing their bodies!

So this is even going to be more jumbled because I’m writing it in two separate sittings and I’ve totally lost my chain of thought. Either way, So I watched Dolls, and Demonic toys. So I want to review these movies and compare them. IT’S LIKE A TWO FOR ONE DEAL!

Dolls starts off with 3 people on a road trip, a little girl, her dad and his rich lover who apparently lives in England but isn’t English? Not really important, the car gets stuck in the mud and go to the closest house. This house happens to be a old doll maker, very shortly after they arrive 2 girls bust into the door along with an American on vacation who was helping them out with their own personal car trouble and then HE got stuck in the mud outside the same house and brought the two girls with him and the doll maker politely offers them a place to stay. Hell soon breaks loose as one of the girls runs around the house and gets killed and drug off. Not a big deal we didn’t know her and she seemed kinda like a bitch in the first place. Basically the girl from the beginning keeps noticing people dying and no one believes her people keep dying and then becoming dolls it’s wonderful.

“Demonic toys” revolves around a Fast food chicken delivery boy delivering chicken to a security guard. That security guard happens to be guarding a warehouse where a pregnant cop, her partner with who she happens to be sleeping with, several criminals, and a demon who has his own personal army of toys that he can order to kill people and happens to be waiting for a pregnant woman who he can have sex with and then that will allow him to slide out of her birth canal into the real world, which leads to the best line in the movie, a little kid telling a woman that he plans on making her give birth to him.

These movies differed greatly, Demonic Toys seemed to have a larger more sweeping plot line with a demon trying to posses a woman’s child and bring himself back into the world, while Dolls was a smaller story about old people who turn people into dolls because they’re bored. The Demonic Toys were definitely more memorable than the Dolls, there was only one Doll that had a name, yet there were 3 demonic toys one said curse words and they all were very different looking, where as the dolls were more or less just dolls, all nameless faceless dolls. Personally I preferred the movie dolls over Demonic toys, the acting was worse or at least hammier, but the old couple was very endearing and while yes the dolls killed people they really aren’t so much the villains as the anti-heros. The demonic toys is a little more straight up “Demon takes over body of woman’s child” Story. In fact I bet you there are a ton of those! A simple google search…………wait a minute? Ok I’m not going through another list, but basically the very first link on my google search had 4 pages with about 40 movies per page of demonic possession movies. Not that a less original premise makes it a lesser film, that’s done by the fact that it’s not all that good, the unoriginal premise just didn’t help. The special effects weren’t as good as in dolls and I felt Dolls was all and all quirkier and more fun. The hammy acting didn’t bother me because it felt ok in this particular movie.


Jim said...

Dolls is pretty hilarious. I still love the scene where the girl imagines her teddy bear eating her stepmother, and when she goes "Oh, Teddy!" the teddy bear shrugs, like it's saying "that's me!"

Resmo112 said...

the movie's filled with shit like that. And honestly it's pretty enjoyable. Demonic toys is less enjoyable but still has some pretty quotable lines