Wednesday, September 28, 2011

104th POST!

I'm celebrating my 104th post. How am I celebrating it? I don't know! Why am I celebrating it? because I forgot that I was so close to 100 and now I passed 100 so I've got to celebrate 104 now because that's what this is. For the most part I focus on horror movies, Every now and again I'll do something different like a new release or a movie that was made for 8 year olds that I really enjoy or that just freaks the crap outta me despite the fact that it was made for 8 year olds. So what am I reviewing for this one?

Yup Were Marsupials, or the howling 3. I've already written this and never posted so here it goes.

When I was like 9 I saw "The Howling" at least I thought I had seen "The Howling." See something that I loved doing when I was younger(and today) around Halloween I loved to stay up late watching whatever Halloweenie type movie they had on TV. One Halloween I got to watch all of the "Friday the 13th" Movies on TNT over the course of 2 days between 12am and 6am, never in my life have I felt like I wasted large portions of my life until right now .......:( oh yeah the Howling. I saw a movie when I was little, I was convinced it was "The Howling" then later in life i actually watched "The Howling" for a film class I had on modern horror films. At this point in my life I realized that I had never actually seen the Howling before in my life. What I assumed I saw at the time was "The Howling 2" that's actually about Vampire-like werewolves and has Christopher Lee, later in life I got the pleasure of realizing that "The Howling 2, We actually agreed to get christopher lee to do this quick write a script before he realizes we were joking" wasn't the movie I had seen when I was younger either. Finally, at the ripe old age of 29 I found out what that movie was, "Howling 3 'The Marsupials'" YES! apparently werewolves and vampie-wolves weren't good enough! WE NEEDED WERE-KANGAROOS!

This movie was absolutely NEVER meant to be taken seriously, and I MIGHT actually have to admit I kinda maybe just a little enjoyed it (I'm wincing in shame right now) I've enjoyed worse movies than this, but I enjoy them in that way that one enjoys bad movies, and maybe some of this is the fact that I liked it as a child, but honestly this movie was had a lot of good moments.

So The movie follows a group of stupid people. First, you have a anthropologist he shows his students how aboriginals poke at men in wolf masks. A talent scout who's filming a movie and hires actresses right off the streets, a woman from the town of "flow" in Australia(it's not a real place), where an ancient race of marsupial werewolf people live, who leaves her town and becomes a movie star just by leaving the small town of Flow! I think that's it. God I'm already too distracted to write this, SO here's where it starts to get a little scattered, or more focused? I'm not sure how this works anymore.

I seriously have 8 reviews started and can't get through any of them, I don't know why but I get to this point and get distracted, I wish I had a reason to be distracted like skittles but I don't even have that!

ok so girl runs away from Flow (did anyone realize that's wolf spelt backwards?) and becomes a movie star and falls in love with the talent scout that found her. they make a movie it wraps they have some sex then she gets pregnant and has a marsupial baby that looks awful then they move back to the states and become movie stars. The anthropologist gets himself killed to protect them and there's also some subplot about a woman from germany who's a regular werewolf and wants to mate with a marsupial werewolf. they don't really connect, most of the story lines don't connect.

So I have a scar on my wrist and I'm not actually sure what it's from? I also have to be really careful when using this computer cause sometimes it corrects my spellings to words that don't make sense, and when I'm already heavily distracted!

It's really hard to figure out why I liked this movie, the special effects are BAD borderline TERRIBLE, the story was really bad, and honestly I KINDA just liked the fact that we had mythological creatures evolve differently, AND it really does poke fun at the 80's horror film directors. The 80's gave us schlock (and trust me it was much better schlock than what we got in the 90's) but the directors took themselves SO SERIOUSLY. Check it out, if you just want a laugh.


Jim said...

We tried watching this last Halloween, but it wasn't really what we were looking for. It's not as fun for me to watch a movie that knows it's shit as it is to watch one that doesn't.

There's a fantastic documentary out there called "Not Quite Hollywood" that is all about Australian cinema from the 70's and 80's. It talks about this movie a bit, as well as many, many others that look just as insane.

J. D. Lockhart said...

We really liked this one. It was one I remembered from childhood (weird how it just seems to stick in people's memory like that). I remembered enjoying it, and I had a bad feeling watching it again as an adult was going to be a bad experience.

Regaurdless, the girlfriend and I gave it a watch and had a great time. I liked how it was pretty much completely a joke, and yet they worked up this whole mythology where flashing lights can cause the transformation and all that.

Also, the best line in the movie, "NO, I'm just gonna die!" *dies*

Resmo112 said...

Yeah at no point in that movie were they taking themselves seriously but they did surprisingly put a lot of effort in to it, it was strange. Fun and I enjoyed it but strange.