Friday, October 28, 2011

Dark and Stormy Night

I liked the lost skeleton of Cadavara. I mean it's not great there are better movies and there are better spoofs of early horror movies but it was fun and you could tell the writer/director really cared about the material and had done his homework. Now Dark and Stormy Night comes out and, you know what, it's not's not good at all. The jokes are forced, the dialogue comes off as annoying rather than funny and ultimately the movie just isn't that good.

It starts off with a cab driver driving a man up to an old house, that man's name is 8 o'clock Farraday he's essentially the main character if there was one main character none of the characters are really strong. Either way, Farraday is taking a cab to an old house and he's .35 cents short so the cab driver comes in the house with him. While there a woman comes out of no where and sneaks up behind them when the door is answered all three of them are allowed in. There's a will reading and as the most important part is about to be read the reader is stabbed in the back and the letter attached to the will is missing. The characters then go through a bit of a quest to find the missing letter, figure out the murders, and bring a killer to justice all without the help of the police because the bridge was washed out and of course the phone lines don't work.

Now the dialogue. BAD! Imagine abbot and costello's Hold that Ghost except everyone talks like abbot and most of the time nothing makes sense. You've got no straight characters what so ever! it's just annoying. There were a couple parts that made me chuckle, like when they're reading the will they're talking about all the different curses on the manor turns out there's three and the guy who owns the place can't remember all of them so the Safari guy tells one, he happened to be the fathers favorite safari guide. Stuff like that was ok, but that was few and far between. In fact my favorite joke was just the fact that while it's raining cats and dogs out everyone was always dry after they walked in to the house. It was subtle, but a nice little gag really. apart from that I really can't think of anything else I liked about this film.

So If you're looking for a good time.....get something else. If you're looking for a good nap this one should do wonders for you.

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