Monday, November 28, 2011

The Muppets!

It's hard for me to review a muppet movie, especially since this is mostly a horror blog, I do occasionally do children's movies....because that's not an uncommon combination at all? ok, shut up. Either way, as a huge huge fan of the muppets I was excited for this movie, so excited that there was almost no way I wouldn't like it. Or possibly I would dislike it because It shits all over my childhood or something like that. How was it? Well you'll be happy to know that I don't feel I liked this movie simply because I was so happy for a new muppet movie, I also didn't hate this movie because I felt like it was completely fake or not worthy of the muppet name. What I saw was a fun and entertaining movie that I think even Jim Henson would've even been weepy at parts.

The movie starts off with voice over by one of our main characters, Walter. Walter is a small slightly furry brother of a man named Gary. One day he sees The Muppet show and falls in love. It kinda gives him a roll model and someone to look up to that's a lot like him. Either way, The Muppets fade in to obscurity but Walter and Gary continue to love them. As Gary is getting ready to go on his anniversary trip he brings Walter along so he can take him to the Muppet Studios and go on a tour. The Muppet studio has fallen in to disrepair, Walter ends up breaking in to Kermit the frogs office and accidentally overhears evil billionaire oil tycoon's (who's name has escaped me) plan to dig for oil under the muppet studio and tear it down. This gets walter and gary in to gear they go to find Kermit and attempt to save the day by putting on a Muppet Telethon. Hilarity ensues.

First off, the songs in this were written by Brett Mckenzie, YUP! 1/2 of FLIGHT OF THE CONCHORDS! and guess what the songs are awesome!

Secondly, you have a script written by Jason Segel, who you can tell isn't just doing this for a paycheck this was a labor of love for him. Through the entire movie he's got a HUGE grin on his face. The whole cast seems like they're having a wonderful time. There's a ton of cameos including sarah Silverman, Neil Patrick Harris, Mickey Rooney, Jack Black, absolutely everyone seems to be having a great time.

Thirdly this movie was PERFEcT!

SO IN CLOSING! This movie was just about perfect, I honestly couldn't have hoped for better. The only thing better would be if it gets a SEQUAL! which I think it will. It's nice that the franchise is once again in caring hands.


Jim said...

I absolutely loved it, but I didn't quite think it was perfect. Kermit felt a bit off to me. I wanted him to have more of that frantic backstage energy he gets when they're putting on a show. Still, I teared the hell up during Rainbow Connection.

I think a sequel is probably a sure thing at this point, but Segel/Stoller/Bobin/McKenzie's involvement remains to be seen. I think they should do like how they all met for the first time in both The Muppet Movie and The Great Muppet Caper, and not pay attention to continuity.

Resmo112 said...

I think Kermit's attitude showed that over the years he'd matured as a stage manager over the 20 or so years since we'd last seen him back stage. I think Segel will again jump at the chance to do another muppet movie and he'd bring the rest of the crew with him. And that's another thing, Life's a Happy Place you could put that in other muppet movies and no one would've known the difference.

I was hoping for Together again, and I kinda wished they'd ended on that, but I liked the end fine.

dtmmr said...

Longtime Muppet fans will undoubtedly have more fun than young ones, but for the most part, it’s a witty, delightful romp, that shows you that you can still be funny, without ever being mean still in 2011. Good review. Check out mine when you get the chance.

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