Friday, February 24, 2012


As zombies become more and more popular, zombie movies are being released more and more often. The major problem with zombie movies are they're INCREDIBLY easy to make. get a group of people, put them in a building, have zombies attack, rinse, repeat. So when something comes along that's different it's refreshing and I want to see it. Unfortunately, different is not always good. Let me be very clear about this, this movie isn't terrible, it's not unwatchable and has a lot of good to it. BUT the acting is TERRIBLE, almost unwatchable at times, it can also get really slow, and doesn't do that good of a job of building suspense. Yet, the special effects are good, the zombies look great, the movie is absolutely beautiful.

Quick Summary of the plot goes like this. You have two main characters, Lt. Brian Murphy and Sgt. Daniel Dembele. Daniel is looking for his son, who's been taken to a military base in the north. Brian is looking to get out of africa after a plane crash leaves him as the lone survivor. Brian finds a car, and starts driving. I'm not actually sure where he's going he's just driving? At a point he's forced from his car and needs to fight for his life, Daniel saves him. Daniel promises to take Brian to a military base where Brian can potentially find a plane and get the hell out of africa, if Daniel can have brian's truck. So what you're getting is a road horror picture, with zombies.

So, what's different about this? well, they're not holed up in a house/mall/basement/abandoned military outpost/amusement park they're driving north. It also doesn't take place in a big city, it's all done in deserts in africa. Apart from that, it's pretty much the same thing. The zombie make up is great, and looks like a film with a much higher budget. There are some good scares but they're just scares no real tension is built. Finally, the acting makes it really hard to get attached to the characters, so if they die I wouldn't really care to much. This is a bit of a spoiler so skip past this next paragraph if you still want to watch this movie.

**** Spoiler****
Ok, so when Brian makes it to the base in the north he finally gets ahold of one of his superiors. They talk about needing supplies and a plane to come evacuate the survivors at this base. This conversation is pretty much both guys smiling then Brian is told "sorry we can't come zombie virus is everywhere" AND THEY'RE BOTH STILL SMILING! The scene is pretty much just "HEY we're gonna die! oh well" So essentially it seems like even the characters don't even care if they die!

***spoiler ended****

If you're looking for a zombie rental check it out, but it's not exactly a buy movie. entertaining but in the end suffered from a lot of the same problems most zombie movies suffer from with the terrible acting and what not.

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