Saturday, February 4, 2012


I'm not entirely sure what I just watched or how to explain it? It was a movie, the main protagonist or maybe he's the antagonist is a tire..... this tire has psychic powers and a bit of a mean streak and it falls in love with a girl and kills people................. I'm not joking. The movie is obviously not a film that takes it's self seriously, I mean from the VERY FIRST scene absolutely nothing makes sense.

The movie starts off with this gentlemen standing by a bunch of chairs a cop car comes by and runs over every single one of them. A cop exits from the trunk and begins addressing the audience. He asks them questions like "Why was ET brown?" and then immediately answering them with "No reason" many questions about films were asked with the answer always ending up as "No Reason!" He also then describes that life is filled with no reason and lists several examples and says this is an homage to no reason. He then gets back in to the trunk of his car closes it and is driven off. Turns out he was addressing and actual in film audience who are then handed binoculars and told to watch the film from a distance. Pretty much nothing happens for a long while until they find a dump through the binoculars and a tire begins to move. I should mention how cute this scene was. The tire falls over gets up, keeps falling over, similar to watching a child learn how to walk. Then it learns of its power to kill things. First he runs over a water bottle, then a scorpion, next he finds a glass bottle, he can't just crush the glass bottle. this is where he learns of his psychic abilities and that he can make things explode. From here on out he rolls a lot, blows up some people, falls in love with a girl and sleeps at the bottom of a pool. There's also a whole side plot with the audience, there scenes are probably my favorite, but there's not much to them. Mainly they just explain what's going on in the movie that we should be watching but aren't because we're watching an audience watch the movie.

The soundtrack is awesome! For the most it's old motown music that the tire has a tendency to dance too. The actual movie is pretty nonsensical and filled with characters pissing all over the 4th wall, addressing the audience, reading the script on camera, being told a scene doesn't make sense etc. Is it the best movie? no, it's slow, boring at times, not all that scary, lacks in a lot of areas. What it lacks it makes up for in just sheer fun and craziness. Not a movie to be taken to seriously, I mean it's about a killer tire? If you're interested in a good laugh check it out! You won't be disappointed.

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Danielle said...

i loved this movie. I found myself saying over and over again, what the f*%k?