Wednesday, March 28, 2012

My Favorites

I don't tend to like "Best of this" lists, mainly because I feel like they're just a list detailing those authors particular favorite zombie movies, or whatever they happen to be writing about. SOOOOOOOO every time I do a top 10 I just list it as my personal favorites. or top 5 or top 15 whatever. Today I'm just doing a quick top 5, mainly because I'm feeling particularly half assed. But these are my favorite mindless entertainment movies. All horror related, these are the films I like to watch to shut off my brain and think of absolutely nothing! Like "Twilight" but you know less painful to watch.

5) Robocop- OK, I said it would be horror related, and on my very first member of the list I pick a sic-fi...ish...thingy. It takes place in Detroit! if that isn't scary enough for you then well I don't know what is. We almost put a statue of him up in our fair city and had this video to show for it!

sorry the embedding was DISABLED BY REQUEST

Robocop is a lot of fun, it's light in the plot but surprisingly has a lot to say about the current situation in america (privatization of everything, people with money wielding power and what not) so if you really want to you can claim it's a film with depth and what not. So it's got that going for it too!

4) Dawn of the Dead(REMAKE!) - The original has my heart, but how many times do you get to see a remake that is high quality? This movie tricked me in to liking other Zach Synder movies for YEARS! I even saw that Guardian owl bullshit film because I was convinced that Zach Snyder was a good director and not just a manufacturer of WONDERFUL pretzels! which I'm sure his family owns that particular pretzel manufacturing company despite the fact that I have no proof.

3) Dead Set - This isn't actually a movie it's a 6 part mini series by channel 4 in england about the cast of big brother getting stuck in the big brother house during a zombie apocalypse. It actually stars the host of big brother(the english host, I had no idea who it was until I was told but still adds realism to it)

2)Friday the 13th part VII - yeah that finishes number 2! I TOLD YOU THESE ARE MOVIES THAT TURN MY BRAIN OFF! this series went down hill fast I actually watched all of them within the last two years with the idea of doing a retrospective on all of them, but then realized that they're almost all the same movie! with the exception of the first, which is still the same movie the killer just isn't jason in that one! Complaints aside, this one took a different look at the series, and made the girl who's being chased have some actual ability to fight back it made things slightly more interesting and made it more enjoyable. If you sit through like 8 of these movies within 2 days you'll appreciate this one even MORE!

1) .......troll 2- I didn't want to put this one up, my inner hipster was like "it's just too cool now" and then I thought to myself and some of my greatest memories involve late nights, tired eyes and good friends. If you're up for a laugh and haven't already seen this (because I swear EVERYONE has seen this movie now) check it out.

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Real Queen of Horror said...

Troll 2 was pretty cool! I love quoting it. "And you don't piss on hospitality!"