Saturday, April 14, 2012

Cabin in the Woods

I wish I could go back about 3 years and find the email conversation that i had with my friend Jim, who does the blog I probably Liked it about this movie. Let me discuss work this out for you. I was never a fan of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, I thought Sara Michelle Gellar was attractive so I watched essentially 1 season of it before that wore off and I moved on. Flash forward like 5 years, during a time frame when I was reading comics. The same friend, Jim encouraged me to pick up "the Astonishing X-men"written by Joss Whedon. I of course did and enjoyed it until unfortunate circumstances forced me to give up comics (unemployment). So for awhile I moved to Australia, and lived with a German who one day rented Serenity. I watched it with him and loved it. This peaked my interest in Firefly, which was a nice gateway drug to Angel and I've loved Joss Whedon ever since. This brings me to the conversation I was having with Jim. He's always sent me emails about what director signed on to what and what writers are working on what projects. So, one day I get an email that was entitled "This is right up your alley" So I take a look at it and the movie is called Cabin in the Woods, I read the synopsis, which at the time was only 3 lines long and essentially said nothing. I love horror movies, I'd learned to love Joss Whedon, and there were several episodes of Angel, specifically episode 4 of season 5 that made me REALLY excited to see what a horror movie written by Joss whedon and handled by Mutant Enemy productions would be like. Well after it getting pushed back, then for a while I'm pretty sure it was shelved for other reasons, basically I've been waiting for this movie for the greater part of 4 years. Let me say rarely does a movie that I'm anticipating THAT MUCH live up to my expectations. Cabin in the Woods has done that.

For purposes of not giving to much away I will keep most of a plot synopsis out of this, I went in to the movie only having seen 1 trailer and read a 3 sentence summary 4 years ago. SO basically, what you get from the trailer is group of college students go to a cabin in the woods, you've got your basic stereotypes, The jock, the ho, the stoner, the guy who the friends are trying to hook up with their female friend who's kinda the main character, and the virginal main character. Now, let me just say the best part about these characters, is that none of them actually fit the stereotype. That was done on purpose and I loved that. Moving forward, they go to a cabin and hell breaks lose. Apparently, this cabin is more than they bargained for! This is all I will say about the plot. Since I'm keeping that short I'm also going to keep my feelings on the movie short. It was wonderful, it was funny, it still managed to be scary, and it truly felt like Drew Goddard (director/co-writer) and Joss Whedon really made this a labor of love. Mel Brooks has a quote and I can't remember it verbatim, nor can I find it online, SO I'm gonna say it was something along the lines of "to satire something is to love it" BUT since I want to quote him directly, I'm going to add this quote which has nothing to do with anything I just liked it. "I love spaghetti and sex, sometimes together. My dream of heaven is walking naked through fields of pasta fazool." Also he was offered the role of Dr. Loomis in Halloween, I'm REALLY glad he turned that down.

to finish up, SEE THIS MOVIE! If you're a fan of horror you will just absolutely love it. It pokes fun at everything wrong with the genre, and at the same time does so much right that it becomes something more.


R.Hamilton said...

Hmmm... interesting. I've only heard good things about this film and from the trailer I couldn't really see why. Looks like the most stereotypical horror film out there. I'm intrigued now, might have to go see it

Resmo112 said...

I really enjoyed it. Not saying you will, but it's supposed to look like a stereotypical horror movie, and you'll see why if you see it.