Friday, October 29, 2010

Drunken Blogging

ok while blogging in general is a bad idea, blogging while drunk is an even WORSE idea, blogging while drunk and tired is probably the worst idea EVER! I checked out basket case, a movie about brothers and their quest to kill the doctors that seperated them. It was awesome, basket case TWO is currently in my bag waiting to be watched and believe it or not THEY MADE A PART THREE!

When it came out I watched the remake of "the Fog" and oddly the fog non-remake version was a lot's like it was predestined or something.

Dawn of the dead remake was actually really good, I like Zach Snyder no matter what most of geekdome says about him, he likes slo-mo yes but he still is a pretty good director his new film about owls was a lot of fun and had owls WHAT'S NOT TO LIKE!

I've carved a werewolf pumpkin this halloween, stencils make me feel so cool, in all actuality they're some one else's work that I'm just doing.

The Hammer horror films had some lovely lovely english women, had i seen a lot of them when I was younger I probably moved to England as a teenager. wowza....

back to the remake of the fog, the first film was about pirates wanting treasure, the remake was about pirates wanting treasure also their pirate bride, and everyone is 19-25......also they have unresolved issues as teenage lovers. Can't we just make pirate treasure movies? I wonder what a movie like the goonies would look like if it was remade today? would they add a love interest for sean astin? or Chunk? what about sloth? does sloth get a love interest? do you make one eyed willy a ghost pirate and make him try to like rekindle his love with girl cheerleader that Josh brolin wanted?

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