Thursday, October 28, 2010

This one isn't really a review

Ok, so here's the deal. I'm currently watching this movie called fingerprints. It's terrible, I can safely say this is the 6th worst horror movie I've written about on this blog. it's not even half way over. It has good things about it, a creepy little girl who does very little talking, a semi-likable character who isn't a complete jackass and you don't want to die. It seems to be the whole story of "Kids die by train and if you put your car in neutral on the track they'll push you to safety" mixed with "that story about the guy who picks up a girl just to find out she's dead the next morning when he goes to get his jacket" this isn't important because this isn't about Fingerprints, it's not about creepy girls and it's not another review I write when I'm barely watching a movie that isn't even half over. Although the main love interest(or who appears to be) does have a rather hilarious slow motion running scene.........well worth the time. Also there appear to be some sort of Nazi's? ghost train conductor? there's also a rape scene? why does every horror movie need a rape scene? I think the rapist in question may be a lawerence brother too? yup andrew lawerence!

Ok, so here's my question to both myself and to who ever the hell reads this. Are my standards too high? Or is hollywood accurately depicting teenagers as little whiney douchey annoying douchey assholes? I remember being a teenager, but I've also met a lot of teenagers recently and just don't remember ever being that bad? apparently Andrew Lawerence is known for his impersonations and charming smile. The girl also looks like a younger version of the girl who plays bones in the tv show bones? and oddly she was in the Tv show Angel starring David Boreanaz, who plays Booth! also she was in 1 episode of bones apparently.

To wrap things up, are Teenagers accurately depicted in horror films? Or am I just getting old?

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