Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Vampire Circus

I've been looking to review a couple of Hammer Horror films, but haven't had much luck, I didn't want to just review on the the many, many monster movies they made. Like I didn't want to just review one of their Dracula, frankenstein, or the wolfman, I wanted to find something that was a little more obscure. So in my search I found "Vampire Circus", which wasn't really obscure but it was towards the end of the Hammer horror era, "Rosemary's baby" had come out and people were expecting a little bit more out of their horror in those days, and Hammer wasn't delivering. taking a step back before going forward, Hammer productions was a british company that made a lot of horror films in the 1960's and 1970's. I don't really know much about them except they were british and they made movies, and Christopher Lee was in them a lot as Dracula. So this isn't going to be a history of hammer horror, it's supposed to be about "Vampire Circus" Which seriously IT'S EXACTLY WHAT IT SOUNDS LIKE! It's a circus FILLED WITH VAMPIRES! HOW WAS THIS NOT THE BEST MOVIE EVER! Imagine vampire elephants, vampire tigers, other sorts of animals that can be vampirized! Well there's really not much of that, there's kinda a vampire panther and a vampire bat, but not much in the way of vampire rhinos! think a vampire rhinos' horn acts like vampire fangs? the possibilities are endless! vampire bears! I should probably talk about the movie now

So "Vampire Circus" starts off with some girl and her husband playing with their kid in the woods the dad decides to be neglectful and run off the the mother decides to take her daughter to the castle of a vampire and have him kill her then fuck the shit outta him......kinda outta no where but the dad really was a tool. So anyways in true monster movie form the villagers form a posse' and march into the castle then kill him and whip the wife. In his final moments he curses the village, saying that the death of their children will bring them back to life.

15 years later the village has the plague and some gypsies show up and put on a circus. there's a hall of mirrors people die, there's some cool special effects involving people transforming and vampires biting people, all the blood looks like red paint, there's no vampire penguins, they did a book about vampire bunnies why didn't anyone do a vampire penguin?

The visuals in the movie are pretty cool and it's a hammer flick so it's campy and pretty generic but that's really where the charm lies, if you're looking for just a fun good time I'd say check it out, if you hate fun and everything it stands for then go watch i donno..... "Step It Up 3D?"


Danielle said...

the part where you explain the husband running away confuses me. the husband ran away and the wife went to the castle with the daughter? and the guy that owned the castle killed her and then had sex with her dead body? i am really confused....

DKOutbackAdventure said...

hmmm yes that would be confusing, Yeah husband runs away vampire kills daughter, mother has sex with vampire then is killed by the angry mob. There's a lot of sex in this movie, apparently Hammer films are kinda exploitation films and have filled with sex and violence. The best part was where some weird girl painted like a lion but green was being tamed by a lion tamer.........weird fucking movie.