Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Zombi 3

Ok So it's almost October and I like doing this, because sometimes I look for reasons to keep from studying and I wonder why I'm never happy with my grades. Ok, in my defense I studied Thursday Friday saturday and sunday! I'm taking a break! And a break means writing TWO REVIEWS!!!!!!!

Zombi 3 wasn't terrible, it was a Zombi movie a terrorist steal a "death" virus, they keep referring to it as the death virus at least. Basically the government made a virus that reanimates the dead. Not exactly reanimates it more or less just makes them 'zombies" but they're not actually not really zombies is the thing, they can talk, they're far from mindless, they even plan to draw people into traps kinda? not a big fan of mindful zombies really.

either way small group of soldiers are driving around when they come across a bus of lovely ladies, who apparently want to sleep with men. So then some birds attack and infect them and all hell breaks lose! I watched this movie twice, and I'm really having more of a problem just remembering what happened? they really just ran around and killed zombies. That's about it, I'd say it was fun and worth a watch but I watched this like 2 days ago and I'm having this hard of a time remembering it?

The most interesting part of this movie is Lucio Fulci was the original director but left due to illness, then Brueno Mattei took over because his friend was also the writer, that writer was CLADIO FRAGGASSO! the writer of troll 2, who apparently for some reason or another had a very solid career in italy despite being one of the worst writers EVER. He also wrote Shocking Dark (Bruno Mattei's Terminator 2!) I'm not gonna make to many comments about him or Brueno Mattei because most of that would be plagerized from other sources, but I've seen a couple of his movies, one of my favorites was Cruel Jaws or "Jaws 5" "return of the living dead" was also a really good one. YEah what I have a thing for zombie movies shut the hell up

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