Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Wrong Turn?

I recently rented and watched Wrong Turn, this was QUITE the mistake, I'm having problems even having anything funny to say about this movie? I guess when you see like 1000 horror movies and they're ALL BAD you just run low on things to say.

Desmond Harrington, Quinn from Dexter, plays a doctor. He runs into a bunch of teenagers who's car is like ruined because someone put barbed wire on the road........yeah....so since he can't drive and they can't drive they leave two of their friends with the car while the remaining 4 characters go into the woods to find help. the two left behind die. These characters have absolutely no barring on the plot, they're both stoned, they're both jerks, So I'm gonna focus on the characters who you kinda care about. so I've got

Quinn- or chris or whatever. He's a doctor, you find out that he worked on animal's while in med school which I don't think they make you do, I mean I only really know a dentists and they started out on humans and it's gross, regardless it's not important but basically he's a doctor.

Jessie-she's elisza dushku I honestly can't think of aything else to say about her, she recently broke up with her boyfriend and she's kinda a strong heroine in the sense that she like doesn't just scream and whine but like a little personality would go a really long way.

the other two characters are Carly and Scott, Scott dies really quickly, Carly whines about wanting to die then her head gets chopped in half. I can't say I cared.

so these four wander through the woods and meet a bunch of hillbillies, those hillbillies want to kill them. Now the problem I have with this is A) I've reviewed movies that I hated that had better hillbillies (or atleast I think I started it and never posted it, Lake Dead was the movie it was awful but it was better than this) B) it's been done, in "The Hills Have Eyes" "The Hills Have Eyes 2" "The Hills Have Eyes the Remake" "The hills have eyes 2 the remake" "Lake Dead" "The movie that I call death bus that I can't remember the title too" god just a google search for horror movie with hillbillies revealed entire websites analyzing the similarities in these films. Now I'm not actually one to bitch that something's unoriginal especially in horror but god off the top of my head I can name 10 movies that are almost the EXACT same as this I can find at least 5 i thought were at least more interesting and offered something new to the genre but this just doesn't do ANYTHING. Ok this is going no where this is more my conclusion. ohhhhh here's a list I found on Yahoo answers

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Wrong Turn 1, 2, & 3

The Hills Have Eyes 1 & 2

Rest Stop 1 & 2


Joy Ride 1 & 2

The Devil's Rejects House of

1000 Corpses Hostel 1 & 2

Cabin Fever

Lake Dead

Timber Falls

with the exception of Texas Chasinsaw Massacre not a single one of those movies deserves a second look and I'm very very sorry to say i've seen most if not all of those..... someone needs a hobby. Maybe the hills have eyes, but I've never seen part TWO! ohhhhhh that's available on netflix on demand!

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