Wednesday, November 17, 2010

the series so far

This is my first real review of a TV show, and honestly, while I'm not a terrible critic, I am a terrible writer. My writing is made that much worse by the fact I don't edit these at all. Regardless, I'm trying to keep from spoiling anything and end up omitting a lot so I'm going to make a character guide that I'm going to keep updating.

Rick Grimes- Rick is your main character, he was a police officer and was shot in the line of duty. As a result he was in a coma for awhile and all hell broke loose when he was unconscious. Rick has a wife, before he was admitted to the hospital they were having marital troubles. He also has one kid, Carl.

Shane Walsh - Shane is Rick's best friend and partner on the force. Shane is shaping up to be the stories main antagonist. By episode 3 we have seen Shane's desire for control of the group, how Rick threatens that, we have seen Shane fuck Rick's wife, Laurie, and how hurt he is by Rick's appearance and the idea of losing Laurie in a real creepy scene where Rick and Laurie have sex while Shane stares at their tent. We have also seen Shane beat the crap outta a wife beater for slapping his wife, but really it's because Shane is pissed at the whole situation with Rick and Laurie and wanted to beat the crap outta a wife beater.

Laurie - Laurie i have already established is Rick's wife and fucker of Shane Walsh. There are a couple scenes that establish more or less she wants Rick back and Shane is just there to fuck and be fucked by her. Apart from that she's only been in 5 or 6 scenes, with the bulk of those being devoted to her fucking. She doesn't seem to be fond of Shane's leadership of the group and seems to be determined to do her own thing.

Carl - Rick and Laurie's son, he pretty much screams and has his life threatened.

Merle and Daryl Dixon - redneck racist brothers. Both seem to be very apt with fire arms, Daryl is a hunter, I'm sure Merle probably is too but we haven't actually seen him hunt. Daryl likes to throw dead squirrels at people which seems like a lot of fun as well. Merle likes to chop off his hand and beat up black people. in episode 2 Merle gets locked on a roof because he's becoming a danger to the entire party that has gone into the city to find supplies. In their escape attempt he get's left behind. In episode 3 we meet Daryl who wants to try and rescue his brother even though the only people who actually want to are Rick and Daryl.

T-Dog - I assume the T in T-Dog stands for Token, he's your Token Black guy, Merle dixon beat the crap outta him on the roof and during the escape attempt left him on the roof but locked the door to the roof so the walkers couldn't get to him. He seems like a noble guy, he insists on going back to help rescue Merle but that's about it.

Andrea and Amy - sisters, that's about it. They had weird parents who like to name their children all names with the same first letter.......they're around to scream I also think Andrea may be providing a love interest for Rick, they seem to have some attraction to each other but that turns our love triangle to a love square

Little asian man- apparently his name is Glenn, and that's all well and good but I think Lasian is probably a better name. He rescued rick from the tank he was stuck in at the end of episode 1 and knows his way around Atlanta. Generally they send him into Atlanta on his own to gather supplies. Seems like a brave sort and seems to be really fond of Rick. Apart from that not much has gone into his character.

apart from this we've got a couple random survivors, all have names but very little to talk about at this point.

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