Monday, November 15, 2010

Walking Dead Episode 3

We've reached the half way point of the series and it's a good point to stop discussing the difference between the comic and the show. While the show is taking a lot from the comic it's clear that they've stuck to a couple main points, and a broad story line are all intact, but they're adding characters and developing the group more, in the comic the only characters that got any development were Rick, Shane, Rick's partner from the force and best friend, Laurie, Rick's wife, and Carl, Rick's child. Everyone else is there, and they have an occasional line or two but for the most part they're filler. I would like to repeat the difference is a good difference, they've spent a lot of time developing the characters, that's good!

If the second episode is the "Action movie" episode, this is the "character driven drama episode." you have a guy who was abandoned on a roof and his brother trying to rescue him, a family reunited, a love triangle, and wife beaters..... also a LOT of product placement.

First, let's talk about the family reunion. Rick is reunited with his wife and child in this episode, he thanks his buddy Shane for taking care of them and everyone cries. It's great I guess........not much to it really, for pretty much what the last two episodes were building to I kinda felt like it was swept under the rug pretty quickly. There are some touching scenes and one sex scene between Rick and Laurie while Carl was asleep like 5 feet away.....if I woke up to that I'd be in therapy for the rest of my life...also during that scene Laurie says to Rick "It's ok he won't wake up." Wouldn't your first thought be "How do you know?" but seriously this scene was gross.

Next, I'm gonna tackle the love triangle. In the last two episodes, Shane and Laurie have a lot of scenes together and they make it pretty obvious that they're sleeping showing them sleeping together. upon the arrival of Rick at camp it's obvious Shane isn't happy, and you discover that Shane had told Laurie that Rick was dead. So Laurie is pissed at Shane for lying, Shane is pissed at Rick for being alive, and Rick is sleeping with his wife while his kid next to him. It's a veritable powder keg ready to explode!

In the last episode Merle Dixon was abandoned on the top of the building they were trapped in. In this episode you get to meet Merle's brother Daryl, who's a little pissed that his brother was left on a building. The reason he was trapped on the building was the fault of Rick, who handcuffed him to a pipe while he was beating up T-Dog, and T-Dog who Rick gave the handcuff keys to and T-dog dropped them down a storm drain. So Rick, forms a party consisting of Daryl, T-Dog and the little asian man who's name seems to keep slipping my mind, so from here out I'll be calling him Lasian. This party is going back to Atlanta to rescue Merle Dixon and also pick up the large bag of guns rick dropped when he got swarmed in Atlanta.

A guy slaps his wife, that's all I'm going into, Shane beats the shit outta him.

I liked the episode, it was a little slow moving and the one woman constantly reminding us of how she missed her Maytag was really annoying. I get her washing machine she had before the zombie apocalypse was WAY better than washing clothes by hand, I didn't need to hear it four times. It was slow moving but it's bridging the gap between the beginning of the series and the end of the series, so I expected less from this episode, and it delivered. The first two episodes were great, this was fun, and had a good ending, but wasn't up to par with the rest of the series. Here's hoping this was just a bridge and not the norm.

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