Sunday, November 7, 2010

Walking Dead Episode 1

Now there may be some spoilers in this so please if you're interested in the series I'll save you the trouble of reading the whole thing and just say I really enjoyed the episode and if you're a fan of zombie horror at all you should have an overall good time watching this first episode. The story is very faithful to the comic with few liberties taken, so if you were a fan of the comic, you'll be a fan of this series.

Now for the real review

The episode starts off with a police officer looking for gas, he finds a little girl, her face is messed up he shoots her in said face. We then flash back to PROBABLY a really long time ago, the same cop is in a car with his partner Shane, they're discussing marital difficulties. A call goes out and Rick, our main protagonist is shot. He winds up in the hospital calling for help, but no one answers. He then realizes he's alone in the hospital works his way outside and only to realize that the world has gone to hell.

This part reminds me a lot of "28 days later" it's not exactly believable for me, people dying from zombitis are most likely going to die around hospitals leaving the largest concentration of zombies around hospitals. Why are so many coma patients safe in hospitals? you would THINK any zombie worth his weight in....zombie, would see a coma patient as a easy prey! but it does make for an easy fish out of water concept. When the entire world has been besieged by zombies it's difficult to find a way to explain these things to an audience, Zombieland went through and kinda showed you what happened but this was a TV show it doesn't have time for that fish out of water is a much faster solution.

After this Rick runs in to two guys, a father and son duo, Duane and Morgan. They tie him to a bed and try to make sure he's not a zombie and then shower together.....not as gay as it sounds. After a short stay they part ways and Rick goes off looking for his son and wife. Hilarity ensues.

So far the show has been an almost shot for shot remake of the comic book. They took a lot of extra time for character development and improved on some of the weaker points of the comic. Having read the first 6 issues of the comic this entire episode is about half of one issue. When Rick meets Morgan and Duane, they tie him to a bed, in the comic they just take him inside. I find the later more believable. Why would you bring a guy with a giant chest wound into your house without knowing anything about him? Morgan, Duane and Rick in one scene go to a police station and they find one of Rick's co-workers. in the comic they just let him live, in this particular episode, they shoot him in the head. More than anything else there's just a lot more dialogue, which can be good and bad, but this worked. It made you care a lot more, my main problem with the comic is I didn't care about any of the at all it really flies through any character development leaving mostly just shells. Excited for episode 2 which airs tonight, next review should be up by Tomorrow afternoon.

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