Sunday, November 14, 2010

Walking Dead Episode 2

Ok so I said this would be up monday and I was absolutely WRONG! the 3rd episode airs TONIGHT and I PROMISE my review will be up tomorrow. Spoilers are ahead so if you haven't seen episode one don't read this!

so episode 1 left off with Atlanta being over run by zombies and our hero Rick Grimes in a tank and someone talking to him through the tanks CB. This voice in a CB helps rick get to safety, some girl pulls a gun on him, they get stuck in a departments store, and have to find a way out. Keeping this short because I don't have much to say about it this episode was a lot of fun. The actor who plays Rick Grimes called it the "action movie" episode of the show, and I would have to agree there's a lot of gun play, there's a lot of running from zombies, there are a lot of fun jump scares. It's everything you want from a zombie TV show. My one problem comes with some of the comical bits. There's a key to handcuffs, one of the survivors is handcuffed to a pipe on the roof and of course the guy with the key falls and watches it fall down a storm drain in slow mo. Also they smear guts on themselves and pretend to be zombies to make it to some trucks, I'm not against that part, the part is the storm clouds role in and then it starts raining I thought was a little cartoony. Ultimately it didn't detract from the show at all, they're stupid complaints entirely.

How closely did this follow the comic? I don't remember let me look! There's a small asian man in the comic....seriously that's about it. This entire episode is summed up in about 2 pages in the comic. This isn't at all a complaint, this episode had a LOT of character development and introduced a bunch of characters that weren't even IN the comic I love how we've taken the basic story of the walking dead and just done our own thing here. had we followed the comic I'd still be questioning what Rick grimes and his motives, while the comic isn't bad, the show patches up it's weak points.

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