Saturday, December 18, 2010

ok bad plan

I'm writing a bit of a "tipsy" review of "A Year Without a Santa Claus"

there's one thing I love more as I get older, and that's the Rankin/Bass cartoons from my youth. Rankin/Bass is the studio that did all of those awesome awesome....awesome to the max stop/go animation cartoons from the......past(they span roughly 30 years, their first was in 1964 and their last was in 1985, and they were running REALLY low on ideas because they had to resort to Santa battling monsters that could turn invisible to prevent Santa from delivering presents to me it's awesome)

A year without a Santa Claus. we have a couple main characters here.

Jingle and Jangle: the two main elves. They....are elves.
Mrs. Claus: She is married to Santa and trying to keep Santa from taking a year off.

Santa: He's a jackass.

Vixen: you can get ticketed for riding her the wrong way down a one way street.

Heat and Snow Miser: best songs ever!

Ignatius Thistlewhite: he has a very difficult name to spell. BUT quite frankly, he gets to go on a magical journey with Mrs. Claus and her fucking elves! WHAT LITTLE BOYS DREAM ISN'T THAT!!!!!!

Mother Nature: Heat and snow Miser's mother.

so we're looking at a movie that's really really simple. We have one thing going on here. Santa in all the Rankin/Bass movies is a complete jackass, if you don't believe in him, then he owes you nothing (which makes sense if you're not SANTA CLAUS! like aren't you supposed to be like a superior being of giving and what not?) and everyone has stopped believing in Santa, so one December Santa decides to get sick, the doctor tells him no one wants to hear from him and receive free presents and so Santa decides he wants to sit home! this is obviously not approved by misses claus! so she sends Jingle and Jangle bells to "earth?" to find someone who believes in Santa, and prove that there is some Christmas Spirit! basically santa gets pissed and then there's all this shit with both the heat and snow misers.

A CLIP TO THEIR SONGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

IF YOU HAVEN'T SEEN THIS MOVIE SEE IT! You can find it for like 5 dollars and this is the definition of a CLASSIC. I watched it through my entire childhood and as an adult want to keep watching it.

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