Monday, February 21, 2011

Remember ghoulies?

The movie ghoulies was not good! it wasn't even kind of good but I'm watching a movie, that's pretty much one scene from Ghoulies 2 for the entire two hours! I'd much rather be watching Ghoulies 2.

In the second installment of Ghoulies all the ghoulies stowaway on an a trailer for a carnival, eventually the trailer gets to the amusement park the ghoulies naturally set up shop in the haunted house. A group of teenagers wanders into the haunted house and kills some, wounds others, gets two kids stuck together while kissing, Typical horror movie stuff. "House of Fears" is that scene! so if you were sitting around thinking to yourself "remember that one scene from Ghoulies 2 in the haunted house where the ghoulies killed very unlikable teens? I really liked that, I wish they'd make THAT a movie!" THEN "HOUSE OF FEARS" IS THE MOVIE FOR YOU!!!!

The movie starts out with step sisters arguing about how much they hate each other or something. they end up being forced by their step father to go to a party together, at this party a friend takes them to a haunted house where an evil spirit has been unleashed, hilarity ensues I assure you.

Apart from the very obvious "I want to watch Ghoulies 2" feeling this movie gave me, it also gave me a strange sense of "I swear to god I know that girl?" Corri English, the girl who plays Samantha, one of the two step sisters, both are not important to the plot despite being the main characters, AND after a quick stop on IMDB, I found out I had never seen her in anything, but I've heard her voice quite a few times since she apparently was every side character ever in Dragon Age: Origins the PC game. I do mean EVERY character as well, she played Rica, Corra, Cocky Elf Female, Dust Town Beggar, Orzammar Noble, Alienage Elf, Tapster's Patron, etc etc etc. I didn't realize that the entire game had one voice actor, I'd like to see her in person do Alistar's voice. Then 2 days later I decided to watch another movie called "Unrest" The plot of this will be saved for a later review, but she stars in that. Basically, this girl is stalking me through my on demand and netflix and has also managed to hack in to my PC and do a voice over for my game. I'd be creeped out but seriously all that work for me?


Jim said...

Hey, I remember Ghoulies 2. I liked the sound that the cat one made.

Resmo112 said...

I don't remember the cat one, I always loved the one that came outta the toilet because at the end he attacked a man's ass

here it IS!!!!!