Monday, March 14, 2011

Red Riding Hood

The image I have chosen is more interesting than any thing in this movie. This movie has a couple things going for it, I'm pretty sure it was the first film to have it's entire cast on valium during the entire shoot, Honestly there were a lot of pleasing visual, vibrant colors and nice sets, but they were ruined by a complete lack of......any substance and costumes that they probably got from Spirit Halloween.

Let me start this out by saying I went in to this movie interested but not expecting much. I think you could've made a good enough pic outta this. Then the movie started and I wish I could pull some dialogue from it, or at least a specific scene. Here is a scene I found off youtube that does a pretty good job of illustrating the boringatude of this film.

"Please Edward...I mean peter, I already have lost my sister, I cannot lose you too" "it was fun but you have to marry Henry, this will probably cause conflict later in the film"

I'm putting up the Resmo spoiler alert from here on out.

So, this movie is basically Twilight. You have a girl, who wants a guy, for reasons they are kept apart, also he turns into a monster. Now initially I just thought ok, they're ripping off twilight, it had the look, the feel, the completely dead pan emotionless creepy acting. But then I was told the director was the exact same director. So I googled it and it's true, how does this woman have a job? she's probably made 2 of the worst movies I've ever seen in my life! How do you make Gary Oldman bad? I can see the conversation between him and his agent. Agent: Gary, baby I just got a part for you, an ass kicking priest werewolf hunter in a retelling of Red riding hood Gary:hmmm, that sounds ok who's directing? Agent:That awful chick that did twilight, and don't worry I already told her you will only do the part if you can sleep through the whole thing! Gary: Thank GOD I need to rest up for REAL roles that I might have in the future.

Next, the costumes......they were bad.

Thirdly, ok this movie went SO out of it's way to make you think the grandmother was the wolf, it was PAINFUL to watch. within one scene there were 3 or 4 big music swells, then they tried to make you think it was one of the two boys, because the wolf wanted Red Riding Hood to run away with them. It was the completely unnecessary and unimportant father character. When it's finally revealed that it's him I think he probably had 2 lines. I didn't CARE, why didn't I care? because I had no reason to care about Red, she was a complete manikin. and all I knew about the father was he was drunk a lot. Speaking of which now that I think back the father is actually vomiting and drunk when you first get your first real look at the werewolf? wolf doesn't act drunk? THAT would've been great! a drunken werewolf, why did they not capitalize on this?

Fourthly?, the score, I HATE when you use bands in movies. Not saying it can't work, but please explain to me why this movie couldn't have just been score? that aside the score was enjoyable, it was mostly fitting except at parts where they threw in pointless gothic alternative.

And Finally, the thing that made me the most angry, was Amanda Seyfried. She's adorable, has great eyes, and I think has put in pretty decent performances in Jennifer's Body and Mean Girls. I saw this movie as a chance for her to try and put together an effort but she totally let me down. Not saying she can't but she's done mostly crappy romances and this turned out to be just another crappy romance.

Did I mention that I had really low expectations for this movie?


Danielle said...

I also had very low expectations but I thought it was entertaining enough (aka I did not fall asleep). Not sure it was worth the money to go see it, but I wouldn't recommend renting it either. I think it's one of those movies where you are really bored and stuck inside and netflix has it available. I really liked her red cape. the rest of the movie is completely forgettable.

Jim said...

Amanda Seyfried has been great in both her TV series roles, Veronica Mars, and especially Big Love. I'm still rooting for her as a movie star, but her roles so far seem like she's not trying hard enough.

As for the movie, I think the werewolf genre has been cursed much like the creature itself.

Resmo112 said...

I completely agree! I think she's got some acting chops and could give a powerhouse performance if given the right script and direction, again given this movie as my only example I think everyone in it would be horrible and there were some quality actors, Gary oldman and Virginia madsen.

There have been good werewolf movies, dog soldiers is the most recent before that probably American werewolf in 20 years between good werewolf movies, then probably 60 between those.

R.Hamilton said...

I have a little tradition where I only watch super shitty films that I would never be caught dead watching at home while I'm on planes. I got the chance to watch this number last Christmas while on a long flight. I saw the woman next to me watching it and after just a few quick glances over her shoulder at it I decided it was in my better interests not to subject my brain to such mind-melting mush. And I've watched The Last Song on a plane...

Resmo112 said...

You're a smart woman then because I saw this beauty IN THEATERS! THEATERS!!!!! But I'm still a college student so my price was only 5 dollars which is like the price of a rental in some cases. Yeah there's no defending this, it was pretty much just Twilight 4.

R.Hamilton said...

Don't be too quick to judge, I saw ALL the twilight films in theatres! Though in my defence it's become a tradition between me and my friends to go and make fun of them... Yeah I have no excuse either lol