Monday, March 21, 2011

Universal Monster movies Legacy Editions! Commentary

Continuing to take a at the universal monster movie's Legacy editions I'm going to start commenting on the commentaries. Mainly because I want to get a new review up and can't THINK OF ANYTHING TO WRITE!!!!! I wrote half of a review for the original highlander that turned into 2 pages of me bitching about how Duncan from the TV show never seemed to get caught or even investigated for chopping off the heads of hundreds of people! I could understand if the gathering lasted like 4 nights like in the movie but the show has it going on for YEARS! YYYYYYEEEEEAAAAARRRRRRSSSSSSS!!!! and new immortals are popping up ALL THE TIME! If I don't stop now this could go on for awhile.

The special features on each of the legacy editions of the universal monster movies contains a commentary by film historians, while some tend to be really obviously scripted out and not contain all that much information, the commentator on "The Wolfman" and "Creature from the Black lagoon" Tom Weaver, kept things very conversational and had some excellent stories about both movies. In creature he talks about how the movie was actually filmed in 2 different locations on for above water and one for below water, he talks about how they line up the shots so they seem like they're in the same place and on top of that he tells some great stories about the 2 actors who played the creature scaring the crap out of little girls while wearing the costume. On wolfman he focuses more on scenes that were filmed but had to be dropped for various reasons, or how one of the actresses almost died during the filming. The others don't tend to be as good, but if you enjoy film history check them out because they're a lot of fun and well worth the cost of the DVD's.

Next time I run out of horrible movies to talk about, I'll be actually reviewing "The Terror"

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