Tuesday, March 22, 2011

You F***ed with the wrong ice princess

Please forgive any mistakes, I've severely burnt my right hand and am only typing with my left, and while the picture i put up combined with that statement leaves me completely open... i forgot where i was going with this.

first, there was "Night of the Living Dead" well actually that wasn't first but whatever. Then there was "Shaun of the Dead" well not like immediately after it was like 40-50 years, but it's an important place in the history of zombie movies it popularized the zombie comedy or the zomedy(see what i did there?)When anything is popularized there are always plenty of studios looking to cash in! So we've got "The Quick and The Undead" "Dead and Breakfast" "Dance of the Dead" "Survival of the Dead" all of them real, most of them shitty. Then there was "Zombie Strippers" which somehow combined two of my favorite things into something I'm not to interested in watching. Either way the genius who put this together realized something key, zombies eat flesh and penises are sometimes made from flesh! That idea was apparently popular enough for it's own ripoffs. That's where "Zombies Zombies Zombies" comes in! A movie so good my cat actually turned it off.

The movie opens with an ice skater killing zombies, turns out it's a movie and a stripper's daughter is watching it. Cut to a strip club where Harley, the new stripper town, is about to have her first dance of the night. Some bad crack is released to some crack ho's it turns them to zombies all hell breaks loose zombie hookers attack a strip club.

I want to tear into this movie because believe me it's bad! All the acting is terrible, it's slow moving, the zombies tended to act more mentally handicapped than undead, god what else? You name it, it was probably terrible. But i can't lie everyone in this movie is so nonchalant about everything it really cracked me up. There's a scene where they this girl is getting attacked so she says a one-liner and throws something flammable at the zombie and shoots but the gun is out of bullets, so it just hits the zombie in the face and isn't brought up or mentioned again. yeah my description is hilarious! either way here's a link to the trailer, I'm not gonna recommend it, but if you're bored and on netflix you could do worse.

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