Monday, April 18, 2011

The Horror Show or House III

I actually can't believe this movie exists. Not in the normal "oh my god this movie is so bad I can't believe someone actually made it" but in the "I was a huge fan of the 'House' Movies when I was 5 and no rental store ever carried part 3 so I was lead to believe that the producers just lost count around 3 and said to each other 'hey wanna make another house movie?' and the other guy in the room was like 'yeah what one are we on again?' and then the original guy said '3?' and then the other guy replied with 'no I think it's 4' and instead of going back and making sure they were right they just were like 'fuck it go with 4'" kind of way....... you know that really common kinda way that. This movie is actually so rare that I googled "House 3 box cover" "House 3" and "The Horror Show" and the only usable picture I got where the one above you, and a picture of Carmen Electra...that was in reference to "the Horror Show"

So first I wanted to find out HOW this relates to the "House" series of films that I'm pretty sure I'm the only person who actually liked those movies. Either way THIS showed up on wikipedia.

"Although titled House III: The Horror Show for the non-US market, its connection to the other House films is based on the crew it shares with the other films (producer Sean S. Cunningham, cinematographer Mac Ahlberg and composer Harry Manfredini among others) rather than the film itself, the premise of which is only peripherally related as the killer haunting the house. As a consequence, the third "true" House film was named House IV." for those of you that don't know Sean Cunningham is the director of the original "Friday the 13th" which is a little exciting for me because I can now connect Kevin Bacon to William Katt in like 2 moves!!(Kevin Bacon having been in the original "Friday the 13th" directed by Sean Cunningham who produced House 1, 2,3 and 4 2 of which featured William Katt" HOLY CRAP! which also means I can go from William Katt to Bull from "Night Court" or George Wendt from "Cheers" this opens so many more degrees of Kevin Bacon!) HOLY CRAP! the comic Adaptation of House 2 was written by Ralph Macchio (the Karate Kid!) Bacon to Miyagi 3 moves BEAT THAT BITCHES!!!!!

I would say enough about Kevin Bacon but really can you ever have enough Kevin Bacon? The answer is no! BUT, I don't want to drag on to much about Kevin Bacon, but that'll be the most interesting part of the review really. Getting back to the movie I'm ACTUALLY supposed to review, the plot's not all that complicated (you know like the plots for the other 3 house movies ) it follows a cop who arrests a serial killer, that serial killer is then executed and his ghost comes back to haunt the cop who got him arrested and subsequently killed him.

Now, I'm going to break this down in to the good and the bad.

first the bad: NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!
the good: EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!
The Special effects: They're terrible but they're that 80's kinda terrible where they're awesome! for example.


The acting: IT'S AWFUL! LIKE ESPECIALLY AWFUL! Lance Henriksen is in it and you can TOTALLY tell he's phoning this one in. There's two scenes back to back one where he has to tell someone his wife is gonna leave him and another where he has to tell someone to cut the bullshit, AND WATCH THIS ELECTROCUTION SCENE!

To make this.....less long.... While this isn't really a part of the house series, it's a welcome addition and the atmosphere and special effects make it fit right in. Now if I can just get them to produce "House V: If ever so Deadly There's no place like Home!" script and round out the quintilogy.


Jim said...

I've never seen the House sequels, but I love the first one. It's like a feature length horror sitcom. I miss Fred Dekker. I wish he hadn't directed Robocop 3 and sorta ruined his career.

Also, I hate to ruin the fantasy, because that same bubble was popped for me when I was a kid, but the Ralph Macchio who writes comic books is not the Karate Kid. Totally different guy.

Resmo112 said...


Resmo112 said...

I've seriously never been more depressed about anything in my life. It's like an affront to god that there are two ralph macchio's.

The house sequels are actually just as fun as the original. same feel and everything (except house 3)