Saturday, May 7, 2011


A story about an arrogant young man and his quest to become king of Asgard? and it's directed by Kenneth Branagh you say? Count me in I'll be there opening day! I saw "Thor" was it good enough for a comic movie, YES it's better than X-men 3, or Daredevil, Spider-man 1 and 3, the last superman movie as well as the last 3 and 1/2 christopher reeves superman movies, but does it hold up to Iron Man 1 & 2 and the rest of the movies they're making for the Avengers movie that comes out next year? Not really, it had it's problems, but it's watchable.

First I'd like to talk about Natalie Portman, last year she released "Black Swan" this year we get "No Strings attached" a romantic comedy with Ashton Kutcher, "Your Highness" a stoner comedy and "Thor" not that she hasn't made bad movie choices in the past, like the new star wars movies, but she was up for oscars and now she's taking absolutely every movie pushed in front of her. I think this has to do with her turning 30 and wanting to make as much money as possible before Hollywood replaces her.

The Movie starts off explaining some war with frost giants and how Odin was able to steal their power, which is some blue casket thingy that freezes people. It's not really explained nor is it important. So Odin has two sons Thor and Loki, one will become King of Asgard when Odin goes in to some long sleep thing, again not explained. Some frost giants attack and try to reclaim their blue casket thingy during Thor's coronation, hot headed and arrogant Thor leads a party to attack the home of the frost giants completely against the wishes of his father. This starts somewhat of an international incident and gets Thor banished to Earth and stripped of his hammer, and his immortality and what not. To gain back his lost power and hammer Thor must learn to love or something.

It was fun, but I felt the actors who played the asgardians were kinda glassy eyed, and hammy. Thor was just to overpowered whenever he had his hammer, in the first fight scene he's fighting like 45 frost giants and none even pose a threat to him. My main complaint though is I didn't feel that Thor grew at all, I mean I guess he did, in the sense that he kinda stopped saying things like "You are no challenge for the Mighty Thor" and he for some reason realizes that he can't destroy an entire race of people....because that is something he needed to learn? Speaking of that he yells about how might he is twice and each time is taken down quite easily once by a little girl and another time by several doctors, then immediately after goes on a full frontal assault of a military base and easily dispatches highly trained guards. I didn't mind it when he was tazed but when the doctors take him down, how were they even able to subdue him?

Good things; The 3d didn't make me sick, Kat Dennings is in it and I like her, she cracks my shit up, ultimately it was a lot of fun, not even close to as good as Iron Man on par with the second Hulk movie (the not shitty one)

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