Monday, May 9, 2011

Return of the Living Dead

Apparently there was some sort of lawsuit between Russo and Romero and Russo was given the rights to any title with "Living Dead" in it and Romero was free to make his own sequels to the movies but needed to stay with "Dead" as the title. Which is why "Dawn" and "Day" both dropped the "Living" from the title. I don't know that much about it so I'm not gonna talk about it in to much depth. Regardless, "Night of the Living Dead" spawned two different sets of sequels, and these sequels both took very different looks at the same material. So George Romero made his movies (oddly which also have 2 different sets of sequels) and John Russo wrote a book, this book was then turned in to a movie that completely dropped the plot of the book and took a more comedic approach. The movie at times is pretty legitimately funny, the special effects were pretty good although not on par with "Dawn" and "Day" but the acting is down right terrible, and the characters are pretty one dimensional.

The movie starts with a disclaimer that ALL the events are real events blah blah blah, not important. Either way from there we cut to Freddy and Frank, two employees at a medical supply company, Freddy is being shown the ropes and where to ship certain bodies and asked Frank what's the strangest thing he's EVER seen. Frank tells him a story about how "Night of the Living Dead" was based on a true story but the government changed certain parts about their experiments and some of those experiments are in THE BASEMENT!!!!!! Needless to say, Frank and Freddy accidentally re-animate a corpse! When they call their boss, Burt, for help he comes to the warehouse and tries to help them dispose of the body, this leads to a pretty hilarious scene where they try to destroy the zombie by destroying the brain and put a pickaxe through it's skull and it just screams, then they dismember it and end up having to burn it, with the aid of a mortician who apparently carries a gun on him at all times? The smoke from the burning body spreads through the air and causes rain to spread the chemical that re-animates corpses....into a cemetery....where some unsuspecting teens are partying, doing drugs, AND having sex. It's the perfect storm of horror cliches!

The biggest difference between this and "Night" is the zombies can talk and don't want to eat you as much as just your brains, in fact whenever you hear a zombie-parody and they have the zombies saying brains, this is where that comes from. Also the zombies don't die from blows to the head, you pretty much have to incinerate the entire body.

I really don't know what else to say about it so I'll keep this short and just say if you're a fan of zombie movies or if you were a fan of "Shaun of the Dead" or "Zombieland" you mine as well check it out if you haven't seen it. It's fun, and at times even creepy.


Jim said...

Are comments working again? I've heard this one has funny stuff. Maybe I will watch it someday. You don't make it sound too urgent, though.

Resmo112 said...

it's funny enough, like it's not Shaun of the Dead but it is a good effort. Calling the characters one dimensional is insulting to one dimensional characters, I think the teens all kinda share one dimension between the 5 of them. But it's a zombie movie from the 80's, actually Dawn of the Dead is MUCH MUCH funnier.