Friday, July 22, 2011

C.H.U.D. II Bud the CHUD

there are very few redeemable qualities of "C.H.U.D II: Bud the C.H.U.D" in fact I'm really struggling to find anything good about it? The best thing is it had a typical 80's theme song here's an acoustic rendition of it. but it had pretty much nothing going at all.

The movie is about 3 teens, a lay about, a girl, and the smart one, in order their names are Steve Williams, Katie, and Kevin. Steve is the only one who has a last name. they're in a biology class together, and Steve gets him and kevin a detention by starting a fire, the day before they were gonna dissect a body! For detention Kevin and Steve have to do something with frogs in a biology lab, at this point Kevin knocks a dead body down the highway....I guess. Literally he bumps it says "ow" they uncover it and it more or less shoots out of the room. Figuring the teacher is A) smart enough to realize his corpse is missing and B) To stupid to realize that the corpse that will be on the news at some point is his corpse that he planned on dissecting the next day, they decide to go steal a corpse from the CDC. BTW, the CDC has awful awful awful security, and of all places to steal a body from, you're going to take one from the CENTER FOR DISEASE CONTROL! At the center for disease control they're holding bud, bud is a chud, chuds are government created zombie warriors. Magically, I say magically because the movie never shows how these two actually get in to this room, Kevin and Steve are transported to the room holding Bud in all his Chuddyness. Currently Bud is frozen due to events that I skipped earlier because quite frankly they were less interesting than what I'm talking about RIGHT NOW. So Steve and Kevin take this Chudsicle back to Kevin's place and place him in a bubble bath. Which probably made sense to the writer when he wrote it, and then he watched his film later and was like "why did I put bud in that bubble bath again?" and he wouldn't be able to answer that question for you because no writer is just gonna come out and say "yeah I was just to lazy to think of anything else." Steve also drops a hair dryer he was holding, for some reason, in to the bath tub which revives bud. Bud then goes on a rampage through the small town of.....something...I know they said it I just didn't write it down. The zombie plague spreads, good times are few.

I'm trying really really hard to list one thing I liked about this movie! ONE THING! and it's been really difficult. The fact that I found an acoustic version of the theme on youtube I liked? Although, that's not exactly related to the movie? I will say of the movies they're remaking why not take a stab at something like this? You have a bar set so incredibly low that you absolutely HAVE to succeed in making something better! Holy crap they're talking about it!


Jim said...

Good one, man. Does CHUD II have anything at all to do with the original CHUD? Or is it a Troll 2 thing?

Danielle said...

There were sooo many random moments in that movie. Like in the begining CHUD is running around the government facility and the general (who always carries a crop btw) starts looking in closets (because thats where all zombies hide, obviously) and a black cat jumps out of one...and then they subdue bud the CHUD with fire extinguishers? Cause it freezes him? Then there is the chant the CHUDs say "eat em up, eat em up" " YUM YUM YUM" the best part was the zombie dog.

Flashy said...

I just watched this movie on FEARnet this weekend. I was pretty excited about it, because I remembered it being a movie about a zombie outbreak from when I was a kid-- but that's all I remembered.

I guess you can see why.

Did you notice about a quarter through the movie it actually changes from the CDC "Center for Disease Control" to "The Disease Control Center?"

Also, concerning that hair dryer that gets dropped into the tub-- he literally picks it up *just* to throw it into the tub. Like, mid conversation, he picks it up, waves it back and forth a couple times for absolutley no reason, then tosses it right in. You know this had to be the director saying "Just toss it in."

"But... why would I pick it up? My hair's not even wet."

"Just do it. We're on a schedule here."

Jim: CHUD 2 was actually written as a sequal to Return of the Living Dead 2, and you can totally tell. The humor, the type of wacky talking zombies, all of it fits perfectly in the ROTLD world. However, it does not at all fit in the world of CHUD.

I guess at some point, an exec must have decided "I think a second CHUD would be more profitable than a third ROTLD." and a find and replace was done on the script changing "zombie" to "CHUD" and NOTHING ELSE.

Resmo112 said...

the hair dryer was totally my favorite part, cause he picks it up and starts waving it at his face!

I totally did not realize the center for disease control turned in to the disease control center. but I wouldn't doubt it, that movie had some problems.

It does fit with the ROTLD universe but unfortunately, I've never seen CHUD 1 so I don't know how it fits. But the talking zombies, they also seem to have more of a consciousness like they find the one girl attractive when she's in a bathing suit and what not. Never been a big ROTLD fan, I reviewed it recently wondering if maybe I'd like it more as an adult the special effects were good but the humor it just wasn't that funny?