Sunday, August 7, 2011

Let Me In

I have a horrible horrible confession to make, I'm just gonna say it and get it over with and destroy any creditability this blog had.....when I put it that way I realize this blog HAD no credibility and I'm fine. Wooo, that's a load off my back let me tell you. Either way, I don't get these movies. I KNOW I KNOW! Any chance I had of getting my hipster card was just lost. I kinda lost my desire to become a hipster after I realized I'd have to drink PBR, but I worked so hard to like all these bands that no one ever heard of, make sure I thought I was better than everyone else, and shun anything considered mainstream, but there's so much that I just couldn't accomplish and feeling like this movie, or the original was something more than just another movie I just CAN'T ACCOMPLISH THIS OK! In fact I'm more hipster than hipster's because the main stream shun's me because I listen to pirate metal, and the hipster's shun me because I don't have hair.............I rule.

Ok, first let me say as far as remakes go this one was pretty ok, it's not much different really I mean almost EVERYTHING IS THE SAME! they could have almost dubbed the original and no one would really notice, and then people wouldn't sit around going "I can't believe they remade that film, the original was so perfect and hollywood will probably remove anything that made it cool to be safe." and they would of course be right, but that's actually not what happened here, it's the SAME FUCKING MOVIE! there are some things changed and I hear that this version is more closely related to the book than the original. But have I mentioned that this is not what this is about, this is about "Let Me In" in all of its uninteresting...ness.

so why didn't I like this?
1) it's not a horror movie.
- But Resmo, its got to be a horror movie, its got Vampires in it right?
STFU! THAT'S WHAT! Just because something has fucking vampires in it does not make it a fucking horror movie! This is just a love story and with a boy and his vampire, that's it. The american version (and I'm not sure if this is true in the original, because i don't really remember it) actually compares its self to Romeo and Juliet. That's a relatively fair comparison, I won't really go in to that but, essentially I was told by media and fans of the movie that this was in fact a Horror movie and most people who know me know that if it's a good horror movie I'll probably love it. Well I was mislead and that's probably part of why I'm not to in to it.

2) Its not long, but you feel the length of this film. there are so many points where nothing is going on, its only 116 minutes long which isn't to long. But you feel it with this one.

3) I wish someone would send me a text right now because my cat has his head on my phone! but I can't text anyone to tell them to text me because well my cat's on my phone.

4) this is really just a silly complaint that has nothing to do with my enjoyment of the movie. but the CGI I could've really done without. like I get it was probably easier than a little wire work and camera tricks, but it took me outta the movie because it was just silly looking.

maybe someone can tell me why I'm supposed to like this movie, or someone could comfort me and tell me its ok to not like this movie, because I'm lost.


Danielle said...

it's ok, you don't have to like this movie. That's all I have...I could have lived without seeing either version.

Resmo112 said...

Dear Mr. Resmo

we recently received your application to the Hipster Association of America or WHOHA! as it is commonly referred to. while your application showed a lot of promise we are forced to reject your application based on these facts.
1) you did not enjoy let the right one in
2) your blog doesn't mention politics at all
3) you do not enjoy PBR which apparently has moved from the trailer parks to the hipster communities.

we will say you have logged more than enough Firefly hours for membership in DAOA, or the Dork Association of America, but a deck of pokemon cards is required for entry.



PS. WTF is a resmo anyway?

Flashy said...

I haven't bothered to see the remake, but I think I have to agree about it not being horror. I think there are a few sort of horrific moments, but overall, the tone just isn't there, and I found it to be much more of a "sweet" movie than a horror one. But maybe I'm just kind of jaded from seeing so many, and my opinion is actually that of a fucked up person.

Resmo112 said...

it's sweetly fucked up. but I agree about it being sweet, so I guess if your opinion is that of a fucked up person then so is mine.