Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Big Trouble in Little China

I'm a huge fan of John Carpenters I was a big fan of his before I even knew he was a director. Growing up I always loved the Halloween series (yes I even kinda liked part 3 as a child, today it's actually kinda one of my favorite's too, also I know he didn't direct anything past part 1 but he still had a hand in them) "The Thing" is one of my all time favorite movies. Especially some of John Carpenter's lesser know works like "They Live" loved absolutely loved when I was 10. Big Trouble in Little China for some reason I never went back to as an adult. Absolutely loved that movie when I was younger and just never got around to watching it again. Well my netflix queue is staring to get angry with me and since it kinda pushed it right to the top of "Recommended for you" list and then it was also at the top of the Action section too. So I gave in, I watched it and really enjoyed it.

The movie is about truck driver Jack Burton who is played by Kurt Russell. He drives in to china town to drop off some pigs to a restaurant owned by a good friend of his. After that his friend and him begin gambling with some strange game with what was apparently a coconut and some dominos? Either way Jack Burton beats the crap out of his little asian friend and wins 1148 dollars. The Asian friend who I believe his name was Wang and so I'm going to start calling him Wang, he couldn't afford to lose 1148 dollars so he bets Jack double or nothing that Wang can split in half a bottle with a machete, Wang loses this bet. So they have to go pick up his girlfriend Wang says he'll get Jack the money afterwards, the girl gets stolen. This is where the movie goes bat shit crazy! You have different gangs in chinatown shooting at each other, then 3 god type figures show up and kill pretty much everyone, Jack loses his truck and then they have to go on a huge adventure, it's absolutely crazy! there's magic, strange monsters, sacrifices, some sort of strange glowing sword ceremony that's never really explained! Absolutely wonderful movie.

If you haven't checked it out, do so it's a lot of fun. If you hate fun and only want to watch movies that have no sign of fun what so ever, then don't watch it because you'll hate it!

I'd like to thank Jim from I probably liked it for the new title!

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Anonymous said...

This didn't entertain me as much as it did for others but I can say that I at least enjoyed the fact that it didn't take itself too seriously and that Kurt Russell is awesome as usual. Good review.