Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The NEW Thundercats.

Ok, so I haven't exactly "seen" the whole run to this point. I was a huge fan of the original and I wanted to give my thoughts on what I think of this series.

So I turned on the show and thought to myself, "This reminds me of the Hobbit, from Rankin/Bass studios in from 1977....Funny I should say They're listed in the closing credits of the show. apparently, and I never knew this before they were apparently executive producers on the initial run of the show, along with Silverhawks and that other race of human like animals that was like Tigersharks or something.....I kinda love everything they ever did as a child and that's scary. Especially since at some point in their career they were just sitting in a room saying "give me an animal and i'll say an noun and we'll make it a show" and then at one point they got confused as to who was supposed to say what and they both started saying animals and then Arthur Rankin got pissed and he was like "They don't get their own show!" and that my friends was seriously why Rankin/Bass productions closed down. So, back on some sort of track here, if you look at Gollum from the hobbit or a lot of the orcs from any of the old RAnkin/Bass stuff you'll see a lot of similarities, and I figure those similarities would've carried over in to Thundercats and then they took a lot of influence from the old show to make the new one and now we've got new Rankin/bass looking shit on cartoon network. I couldn't find clear pictures of the orcs from The Hobbit or the new Thundercats to better illustrate my point, and I'm kinda lazy about this blog if you haven't noticed so I put up what I've decided is the best picture I could find from said google search.

I'm not entirely sure where that one came from but that little girl is probably a furry.

So problems with the show? Every episode seems to have a moral, one episode actually ended with the words "From now on we live every day to it's fullest!" and I was like really? just state the morale at the end? awesome?

Next the chracter design, Panthero is overly muscled and has horrible side burns, Lion-o looks like he's from a final fantasy game, Cheetarah's rack got about 4 to 7 times larger and her clothes got more sultry, and Snarf and wiley kit and kat just look horrible.


ok so that sums up my look at thundercats? I guess.

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