Friday, September 9, 2011

Young Justice

As a young adult one of my favorite comics was Young Justice. It was the story of Robin, Superboy, and Impulse (later to be named Kid Flash), and while I can't remember a specific story to save my life, I absolutely loved it and read it all the way until it became Teen Titans and read THAT until I stopped reading comics. So when Cartoon Network decided to make a show I was excited. A lot of flaws are there, but show is fun, and I could get in to it.

So lets start with the problems. Aqualad is black, not that that's really a problem I just kinda hate facilitated diversity, but then again he's actually way better than Aquaman! My problem ultimately becomes when they name him the leader. Robin has always been the leader of Young Justice and he should be he's the smartest, most strategic, most calculating, best detective! WHY THE HELL IS AQUALAD LEADER?!?!? Also, I should probably mention I do not have a problem with him as the leader because he is black, but putting both of those things in the same paragraph is a little awful. Either way, he's apparently got "hard water" abilities, which lets him make swords and stuff from water and he can hurt people with them. I can't give you more info on that because it's not really clear, but it gives him "more teeth" than let's say.....aquaman who sucks.

Robin - They used Dick Grayson, my problem with that is Tim Drake is my favorite Robin, and I think more recognizable as robin at this point since he's been Robin since 1989? I hear the new Robin, Damien Wayne, is way cooler but I know nothing about him. That's a small issue, they also used Wally West and that's not as big of a complaint, but I would've preferred Bart Allen, but Wally West is definitely more recognizable as Kid Flash. Also they made Dick Grayson really short, that's not a huge ordeal either but he's basically Tim Drake's size so they used the Tim Drake body and just called him Dick Grayson for some reason. I'm sure there was a good reason for it, but like I said why not just Tim Drake?

Some of the character's personalities seem off, Superman's kinda a brooding sort, which I've only seen the middle of the series so I feel like had to of had some sort of life changing episode, I can't say for sure I'll have to see the rest first. Wally West was probably the only one they got right but then again I feel more or less they made him Bart Allen and less Wally West......again small complaint.

Big Complaint? don't really have one.

things I like, the character designs are good, the voices are all pretty good, the theme is pretty cool I liked it, Artemis is a better name than Arrowette.

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