Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Fly remake was a wonderful gory and occasionally very very gross film. The original fly, a movie i had never seen til about 10 minutes ago, isn't gross, but it is creepy at times, although really campy, it is worthy of a terrible terrible review this Halloween.

The movie starts off when Andre Delambre body is discovered. His wife Helen confesses to murdering him and she seems to have kind of lost her mind. She's established a bit of a fly obsession. FLASHBACK! Here we learn about the events leading up to the death of Andre. Apparently Andre was a brilliant scientist and he's invented a device called the disintegrator-integrator. He's been doing experiments and transporting ashtrays across his room laboratory. He gradually works his way up to gerbils, guinea pigs, a cat, and then to himself. When he transports himself, A fly joins him in the disintegrator-integrator. Andre's hand is replaced with that of a fly's hand and he sets his wife off on an adventure to capture a fly with a white head. He tells her through notes that he needs to put that fly back in the machine to put his arm back.

Where this movie differentiates from the remake is there's no gradual change to the fly, Andre becomes the fly immediately. Although his personality changes more gradually as the fly takes over. It's not gross and there is very little vomiting in fact I can't remember a single vomit.

While it's definitely not as good as the remake it's a fine film in it's own right and well worth checking out.

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