Saturday, October 22, 2011

Paranormal Activity 3

I loved the first Paranormal activity! I absolutely loved it. It was stressful and had a lot of tension. The second Paranormal activity I liked, had a lot more tension but added a lot more jump scares. Now I feel like Paranormal Activity 3 maybe didn't NEED to be made.....I enjoyed it, it was fun, but it was mostly all jump scares and I feel by this time I'm just worn out of the premise.

SO if you've seen the first and second you'll know that the 2 girls from those movies always elude to a similar situation when they were children. Well this is that situation, you have Katie and Kristi and their mom and live in boyfriend. When they move in to a new house and weird stuff starts happening Dennis, the live in Boyfriend, decides he should start filming. Not much different than the others. There is a little less left to the imagination. I'd like to say you see a lot more but it's still cheap and practical which I like, ghosts do not look good when they're not cheap. CG Ghosts are not fun. There's also the fan cam which is an oscillating fan with a camera attached. I really liked that, you basically built tension by making everyone wonder what's JUST outta the frame! It was fairly effective I liked it.

I Keep these reviews short because I don't want to get to in detail and spoil anything, but it answers some questions, raised a lot more I kinda feel like they now NEED an episode 4 but really hope they don't get it. 1 year from today you can expect my PA 4 review.


Danielle said...

I agree with your review completely. I thought the oscillating fan/camera was a great way to freshen up the the feel. sooo much tension. i felt myself trying to peak around the fan.

Resmo112 said...

no that was my arm and at no point were you peaking around it.

Jim said...

CGI ghosts that work: The Frighteners? But I suppose it's different since the movie is more a comedy.