Wednesday, October 19, 2011

John Carpenter's The Ward

Advice to live by: When planning a review of a movie from 2010 made by John Carpenter, don't watch 43% of it, stop watching it to play Gears of War 3 with your friend, then start drinking the next day and try to pick up where you left off! is that a bad idea or what?

This movie, Acting? TERRIBLE! Danielle Panabaker from Sky High fame is in it and she's not really all that good. But she wears this dress that's pretty awesome. Oddly I find it fun that my last two reviews feature girls from Sky high. Amanda Heard screams a lot, screaming women, depending on what they're screaming, are rarely fun.

WAIT! OK here's all I'm gonna say about this movie! Imagine "Sucker Punch" you know that movie that pretty much was an excuse for me to see women dressed in very small outfits and still manage to be really bored for most of it! That one? Imagine that, then take out ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING that made that movie entertaining (the small outfits and the kinda cool visuals) AND you have this movie it's women escaping from a mental institution. The head of the institution is treating them poorly.

I loves me some John Carpenter......from the 80's. He went down hill quickly though.


Danielle said...

maybe you should write reviews like this more often...not bad at all. straight to the point. very few run on sentences :P

Resmo112 said...

it was really difficult to write a review for this one. It's pretty much every horror cliche EVER!