Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Innkeepers

I fucking LOVED this movie! It was great! Scared the piss outta me! I've liked some of Ti West's other works and this is actually quite different than his other works that I've seen, those being Cabin Fever 2: Spring Fever and The House of the Devil. I loved The House of the Devil and hated Cabin Fever 2: Spring Fever, but would say that Ti West did a good job making a sequel to a movie that was complete crap. Regardless of his prior works, this is an entry to be proud of.

The Movie takes place in the Village Pedlar Inn, which is a real place! It also apparently is haunted and the ghost story is apparently true. Either way the Village Pedlar inn is apparently closing down, 2 innkeepers are taking care of it on it's closing weekend, they want to capture some evidence of the haunting so throughout the weekend they plan on recording EVPs and what not to put on their website. Staying at the hotel are a mother and her son, a former actress now turned healer who's speaking at some sort of conference about healing and being psychic. Not much happens at this point in the movie, there's a couple jump scares, one that's absolutely hilarious. Claire, one of the innkeepers played by Sara Paxton hears a noise and goes to investigate and the other innkeeper Luke comes up behind her and says "I don't wanna scare you but I'm right behind you right now." and of course she flips out. Either way Claire starts to see things, hear things, and her and Luke get drunk while working then decide it's a good idea to go to the basement despite a warning to not go in the basement because it's scary down there and try to contact a ghost. after this point all hell breaks loose, there were parts where I was tempted to close my eyes.

It is slow, don't get in the mood for a fast paced thrill ride, but if you don't mind a slow burn then you'll really enjoy this film. I highly recommend it, go check it out.

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