Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Girl with the Dragon Tattoo American Vs Foreign

I don't know how to start this review. I watched both of these movies WTF? WOW. I've got nothing. There's things I liked about both, I think I prefer the American version, a lot of that is because of the cast, I liked Daniel Craig more than Micheal Nyquist and I preferred the people they got to play the Vagner's (yes all of them) compared to the Vagner's in the swedish version. Although I think the woman who played Lisbeth in the swedish version was the better actress. The disturbing rape scenes are more disturbing and I think better shot in the American version. Soundtrack, better in the American version. This may be the first time I ever say this, but the American version I think is the better version. There is A LOT of good in the swedish version and it's a fine film in it's own right, but the american version added a level of polish. I'm keeping this short I don't want anyone who hasn't seen the films to be upset that I spoiled something about the Plot. I went in to these blind, all I knew was that it's a depressing story and that it featured a girl who had a dragon tattoo BOTH OF THOSE THINGS WERE TRUE! Check it out, it's an interesting movie to say the least.

Sorry not sure what else to say about these. Both worth a view, American is I think the better film, at least I enjoyed it more.


Amanda said...

i loved the American version over the Swedish version, and I actually enjoyed Rooney Mara's performance. I thought both actresses were good but I felt like Mara really captured her a lot better--I could see her as Lisbeth. I also agree about the characters cast as the Vangers in the American version too.
The only problem I had was the reveal of Harriet, which was diff than the Swedish version and if I'm remembering correctly, different than the book as well.
Overall, I enjoyed both films though.

Resmo112 said...

wow, what I'd deem as my most poorly written review got a comment!

Rooney Mara gave a fine performance, but I liked Noomi Repace's involvement in the story more. The american version had Lisbeth pushed to the side for the first half.

Your blog is awesome BTW.

Amanda said...

Well, Lisbeth is sort of pushed to the side in the first book as well. We don't really get to meet her until halfway through the book, once Mikael (totally don't know how to spell it)gets really into the case. So, I feel like the American version followed the book a little more closely.
And thank you! I'm glad you enjoy it!

Resmo112 said...

I try not to worry about what follows the book, I never read them and even if I had would it effect my enjoyment of the films? Regardless, I felt her involvement only helped the story. That being said I'm pretty sure my "Let Me In" review says "it followed the book more closely" so........I'm trying to finish this without calling myself a hypocrite.