Monday, January 16, 2012

What does one do to rediscover their lost groove? My groove here has been missing for quite a bit, that and I haven't been watching movies. To rediscover my groove? I guess the answer is watch an old favorite that I haven't seen in years. House is a movie about A HOUSE! Also the ghosts haunting it. The movie boasts a story written by the writer from "The Monster Squad" another personal favorite of mine, as well as the production team from the first "Friday the 13th." The movie is downright hilarious at parts but does a fairly good job of creating atmosphere and actually does have some scary moments. Looking back i never realized how much this took from the Evil Dead movies.

The movie starts off with a delivery boy delivering groceries to an old woman. He walks around the house only to discover the old woman has hung herself in the upstairs bedroom! He runs out of the house and is never seen or heard from again! Turns out that woman was the Aunt of the author Roger Cobb, who writes horror stories and is apparently really good at it. Everyone knows his name, people carry around broken down copies of his book, etc etc. Roger has had a big problem writing his new book like most authors in movies seem to struggle with. So he goes to his aunt's house to start writing. He lost his son at his aunt's house, also he's a vietnam vet BTW. So you have a struggling artist, who lost his only child and is suffering from Post Traumatic Stress? excellent combination! through out the movie you realize that Roger's son is lost somewhere in the house and he has to go on a pretty fun journey find him. Filled with giant puppets!

The puppetry is what really stands out in this movie, and the reason why I say there's big evil dead influence on this movie. Very similar in style and design to the costumes and puppets used in the first evil dead as well as a similar tone to the entire movie.

THe soundtrack! always seems so out of place but at the same time so perfect. There's one part where Roger (BTW played by William Katt of The Greatest American Hero fame) Cobb has to chop up a dead body the entire time they're playing "You're no good" by Linda Ronstadt. WTF!?! most of the rest is public domain music, the movie was made pretty cheaply and I highly doubt many people wanted their names associated with this. Regardless, they did a really good job with what they had.

The Cast - I've already mentioned William Katt, George Wendt from cheers plays the nosy neighbor and Bull from NightCourt plays the main villain! They all do fairly good performances, I mean none were great actors but they did a solid job and were a lot of fun.

The Ending - Kinda strikes me as a cop out, not gonna spoil anything but they go with a whole "It can't hurt you if you don't believe" angel which isn't really all that fun now is it?

for 3rd installation in the HOuse trilogy try reading this one that I did roughly a year ago.

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