Sunday, February 19, 2012

Dream House

This got mixed reviews, some people loved it, some people hated it that's why it maintains a strong 5.7 on IMDB, some high some low reviews. In my opinion, which is more important to me, I fall in to the "This movie was a waste of my time and I'd rather watch paint dry" crowd.

The movie stars Danielle Craig as Will Atenton, Naomi Watts as their neighbor Ann Patterson, and Rachel Weisz as his wife Libby Atenton. Will and Libby have moved in to a home in the suburbs with their two daughters. Will recently left a job in the city to start his novel. When they arrive everyone is treating them strangely, the neighbors don't come around, everyone glares at him oddly, teenagers hold satanic rituals in his basement; Your typical friday night in the suburbs. Turns out the former owners of the house were a man named Peter, and Elizabeth and they had 2 girls Beatrice and Katherine and before the house was purchased by Will, Peter had shot and killed his girls and wife in the house. Peter Ward has recently been released from the mental institution where he was kept after his trail. There wasn't enough to convict him so he got to stay in a mental institution blah blah blah. Will goes investigating and this may seem like a spoiler but it's totally not it happens less than an hour in to the film. WILL IS PETER WARD! He killed his family and his wife and children are just figments of his imagination. SO, now the movie does a complete 180, it becomes a movie about finding the real killer, Because apparently it WASN'T Will Atenton. Naomi Watts helps somehow. Pretty much the rest of the movie becomes Daniel Craig talking to his dead wife asking her about that night and who killed her and why.

This movie wasn't fun, it wasn't interesting, it wasn't anything new. It was just cliched. I think the director thought he was being interesting by making the huge plot twist come half way through the film, but they give away the huge plot twist IN THE TRAILER! I'm so sick of movies with multiple personality disorder or any sort of dissociative identity disorder. Here's a list of things I find more interesting than the movie dream house in no specific order.

-Quotation marks.
-Emma by Jane Austen
-The scene in the movie speed where the woman tries to step off the bus and the terrorist explodes that step on the bus and then the woman falls under the bus.
-waiting for the phone to ring.
- pop up ads on websites that audio and scare the piss outta you.
-This video of Cats wrestling.

that's it I can't end this so I'm just going with this.


R.Hamilton said...

That video of cats is awesome! Unlike the film. I had to write an essay on the director of Dream House (Jim Sheridan) for college a few months back so since his filmography isn't too extensive I decided to watch them all (save for Get Rich or Dir Tryin' starring 50 Cent which I thought I could miss). It kinda seems like post 2003 Jim just thought "Ah sure fuck it, who cares about good storytelling anymore? I've got money now!" coz most of his films before that are pretty good. Good thing his daughter is coming in to replace him with some decent stuff. Dollhouse was great.

Resmo112 said...

I'm glad you liked my cat video :)

If you still have that paper I'd very much like to read it.

R.Hamilton said...

I can send it to you if you like if you send me your email address but it isn't anything too interesting (it's academic and boring lol). Mine is