Sunday, May 27, 2012

Red State

Growing up I was a huge fan of Kevin Smith. I loved Mallrats, Clerks, Chasing Amy, and then something happened. Maybe I grew up, or Kevin Smith did or Dogma and Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back? Or even more likely Jersey girl happened. I had just kind of lost interest, I wasn't a fan of the humor, the characters had worn a bit thin for me at least and I think a little bit of the hipster in me hated it that everyone loved him at that point. I don't know I just stopped following his career. I did watch Clerks 2, Zac and Miri make a porno, and many of his other movies but I'd be lying if I said I saw those movies more than once, and to this day I haven't seen cop out and am just not interested. Then I was told on his new tour he's talking about the filming of "Red State." What is Red State you say? well if you were a Kevin Smith fan you would've probably heard of it, apparently it kinda caused a pretty huge stir in the religious community. I've realized I don't have a way out of this paragraph so I'm just gonna end it here and continue on. Red State takes place in middle America, 3 friends find a woman online who is willing to have sex with them, but ONLY if they will all have sex with her at the same time! They go to her trailer and instead of having sex with them she drugs them and brings them to her Church. Now her church is filled with weirdos, weirdos who want to kill homosexuals and people who have sex with women at the same time as two other men. Essentially compare it to Hostel, except crazy and not nearly as annoying because Eli Roth didn't make it! Essentially 3 horny guys get themselves in to trouble because they have penises. It's a story all to familiar to guys who met a girl online only to end up tortured by some strange death cult. Good things about this movie? The cast is great, John Goodman plays an ATF agent and plays it very well, there's Michael Angarano from Sky High, and while there are no huge names everyone in this movie is very good and very well cast to their part. It is a very hard to predict movie, this is a good and bad thing, on one side you've got a story that is constantly throwing twists at you and really throwing you off, on the other hand you really never get attached to any of the characters and who apparently ends up the main character isn't even in the movie til like 55 minutes in. People are CONSTANTLY being shot in the head and killed and JUST when you think "Oh so the movie's about him/her/them/it" This is going to be short because my next week is gonna be crazy, but it's good. It's good enough to watch once, is it great? Not really, it's not Kevin Smith's normal weird humor, it's a very serious film for him and he did an excellent job all things considered. Will I watch it again? Probably not, not a fan of the torture porn genre, which this kinda is, and It's just not a movie I'd want to watch twice, I've seen it. Very little rewatchablity if you ask me.

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