Thursday, June 14, 2012


Prometheus is a movie....... I've spent a lot of time working up a better opening than that and I just can't do it so I'm starting with that. First, let me say I enjoyed this. It was fun, the world was really well constructed, there are some good performances, and there were a lot of good scares I even jumped once. So in saying that, why was this billed as a prequel to Aliens? Where Alien was a fun simple story about an alien killing people, this was a little complex and I feel like it just was too big for its britches. The story is about a spaceship going to find the creators of man. Apparently all over the world these "Scientists" have found star maps leading back to a moon, this moon has the ability to support life, so they assume that the creators of man live there and that set off on a 4 year mission with a bunch of other scientists. On this planet they quickly find straight lines and decide this is where the creators are, because "god doesn't create in straight lines." This is where the movie started to piss me off. They're rare, but they happen, more often in space and in vacuums BUT this is an alien planet who knows how everything works, it's a pretty big assumption to make. This is where the big assumptions start too. There's a point where the doctors all take off their helmets, on an alien planet.....they're scientists, not ONE of them says "hey maybe we should be worried about alien microbes, or possible fungi that could be airborne." they're JUST concerned about whether the air is breathable after that they're cool. LATER however, after one of them gets sick it's all they talk about! Then there's the biologist. First off, the scientists in this movie are VERY general, and maybe the corporation sponsoring this mission WANTED general scientists, but there's specifically a geologist and a biologist. What type of geology? Alien planet geology? he says he likes rocks, so I assume he's a rock geologist but then why does he have equipment for cave spelunking? Then there's the biologist, Molecular? zoology? Agricultural? Botany? Microbiology? if he's at any point in his life studied living organisms, then why was he so eager to pet an unknown alien life form? again, having no clue what this thing was why was he so eager to pet it? This can go on for days. I like to think I can technically be classified as a scientist, I do research and am pursuing a degree in science, so while I can totally suspend my beliefs for acid blood alien lifeforms, it's really difficult to believe that any of these people made it through any type of post education program. All my complaints though, are little shit like that. I'd also say they didn't give you a good idea of how the aliens worked, but did that stuff need to be explained? Not really, why? in the end it'd just be pointless exposition. Just because it's something I would like to know doesn't mean it's something I need to know. Micheal Fassenbender and Noomi Repace both gave very solid preformances, it was fun, the end needed more work but it was still fun, and the special effects were really good. Going to see it wouldn't be a waste of time or money, just don't get your hopes up for the world's greatest film and try not to go in expecting Alien the prequel I think the movie would've been better left without that expectation placed on it.

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J. D. Lockhart said...

Your post here pretty well sums up how I felt about it. I was bothered by how desperately they constantly wanted to be out of their helmets. It's like wearing a helmet is the worst thing in the world. Even when somebody notes that is 12 below where they're at, nobody wants to put their helmet back on. It's cold! Put a HAT on!

I was also bothered that every time the movie came to what it seemed to think was going to be a big reveal, it was something that the audience had figured out ages ago.