Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Dark Knight Rises

I need to remember to actually REVIEW the movies I see. It's been a long week but somehow I convinced myself that I already reviewed the dark knight rises. First off, if you haven't seen this movie, please do. It was well worth the trip to the theaters. If you've already seen this movie then stop reading here, because you've already formed your own opinion what the crap do you need mine for? FIRST, This is the third in the christopher nolan Batman movie and the end of the trilogy. So, if you're not familiar with the story here goes. Harvey Dent is dead, a law was in acted that allowed the police in gotham to crack down on organized crime. This is all based on the lie that Harvey Dent was a hero and not in fact two-face. So this allowed Batman, who is currently seen as a criminal, to go on a little break. In this time frame BRuce Wayne's knees have gotten all jacked up and he sits in a corner of his mansion not living his life. At this point, events start happening in Gotham that need batman's attention and so he's forced out of retirement. Similar to The Dark Knight Rises by Frank Miller. now my complaints, Bane's voice annoyed the shit out of me. He was raised in a South American prison and he talks like an englishmen wearing a scuba suit with a giant popsicle stick up his ass. It was really annoying. Second complaint(BIT OF A SPOILER SPOILER ALERT) would have to be the Robin character. They made up their own, which I assume is so they didn't give away early that he was in fact robin, but then at the end when they tell you his legal name it turns out to be "Robin" why is that? because if the woman at the end had said "Mr. Grayson" not everyone would've gotten it. That's seriously about it, everyone puts in great performances, the story is solid, I had no real complaints. I'm told there's a clue as to which earth this takes place on and I'm happy to report I'm not a big enough dork to remember. Either way, Now that this trilogy is over, I'd like DC Studios to do something a little more comicy for the next Batman relaunch. They won't, BUT I like my comic movies to be escapism and these are great films, but I find myself more drawn to the marvel universe because those movies are pure escapist fun.


buddy2blogger said...

Great review!

I agree with you about this being an fitting end to the trilogy. Chris Nolan ended his trilogy in style.

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