Thursday, July 12, 2012

Jack The Giant Killer

I LOVED this movie growing up. I remember getting up early saturday morning if I knew it was going to be on and watching it, or getting REALLY pissed off every time I turned on the TV only to realize I'd woken up late and missed 63% of it(exactly 63%). Like many movies in my childhood it disappeared in to complete obscurity. Looking back at it I was surprised at how much I continued to like it. Don't get me wrong it's kinda hilarious at points, but for a movie made in the 1960's I mean the special effects were every bit as good as some of Ray Harryhausen's stuff, so good I actually thought it was a Ray Harryhausen movie until just recently when I tried to find it on his IMDB page and can't seem to find any connection with him to this film. This movie is about an evil wizard, Pendragon, who wants to kidnap a princess. Why? That's what evil wizards do! They also control giants and little dwarfish men and turn vikings in to dogs. True story I saw this all happen! Either way, in his attempt to capture the princess the evil wizard pendragon releases a giant on the the castle who then captures the princess. Jack of course manages to save this princess and kill the dragon. The king gives him a knighthood, I'm sure he also bestowed lands as well as all their incomes but that's not really talked about. The king then asks a poor farmer, who kinda only luckily killed a giant, to please escort his daughter across the sea. They then fall in love, HILARITY INSUES! Of course the evil wizard manages to capture the princess, jack meets up with a viking and an annoying child and they have to go save her. In his quest he battles sea monsters, other giants, guys in armor who kinda just wobble back and forth but don't really do much else, a dragon type thing. He also gets a leprechaun who can only speak in gets old quick. Like I said, this was THE movie for me growing up, this is actually the first movie I remember loving, so i was really hesitant to watch it. IF you're someone who would hate effects made before 1995, then don't watch it. They're at times hard to watch, but most of that isn't in the stop motion bits, it's more in the fact that this was a cheap cheap movie and some of the props look like they could've been purchased at wal-mart. The hardest part for me is just the rhyming fucking leprechaun! OH MY GOD! I kinda want to kill myself whenever he's on screen! apart from that if you're a fan of clash of the titans, or the sinbad movies, this is worth checking out. If you would rather have your testicles dragged across hot charcoal rather than watch those movies, well this isn't for you.

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