Saturday, October 20, 2012

Dead Set

So it's October, which means it's almost halloween and I have done.....absolutely nothing Halloweeny. Allow me to explain. I work at a restaurant part time between my research shifts and everyone else who does my job quit, so I've been working 6 days a week about 5pm - 1 or 2 am and I can't watch horror movies during the day or do anything at night really! Also my vet school apps are finally in and I took a week off and went to New Orleans, I made a wish on the tomb of marie laveau and did a ghost tour where I had the pleasure of seeing Nick Cage's New Orleans home. Which apparently is a horrifying horrifying place. seriously, absolutely horrifying. But that was my "YEAH! I DON'T HAVE TO FILL OUT APPS ANYMORE BECAUSE I'M DONE BUT NOW I'M JUST WAITING" Present to myself.

sooooooooooooo, Dead set. Anyone seen it? This was a tv show produce by channel 10 (I believe) in England. The plot is pretty simple, during the filming of Big Brother, a zombie apocalypse breaks out. The people inside the house are confused and don't really know what to do because Big brother isn't talking to them and they can't leave the house. Eventually, a production assistant manages to break in to the house and has a hell of a time explaining to the contestants on Big Brother that people are in fact eating people, what ensues is both intense and hilarious.

Soooooo (for my third time using So but with extended ooooo's) this was given to me for my birthday, it is a little expensive but it is also only 6 episodes and just so much fun. If you're a fan of Zombie fiction or even a fan of the UK version of Big Brother this is definitely for you. check it out!

So no more personal drama.....wait no let's not do that. how about i give you a much more detailed review in the next week about PA4 and Sinister! BETTER PLAN!

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