Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Paranormal Activity 4

Sooo apparently Paranormal activity is going to be coming out every october until the creators die or they no longer are profitable. Either way, the first one was good, the second one had problems, the third, while I loved some of the new effects I thought it was probably the worst. SO, I wasn't excited to see this one, they've effectively gone downhill each time I've seen them. But it's MY JOB to watch movies...not really, no one pays me for this shit. It's my HOBBY to watch movies and then write about them, and it's halloween and I've watched NO horror movies.

Ok, so The first PA is about Micah and Katie, they have a run in with a demon. The second is a prequel that involves Katie from the first and her sister's family. SPOILER ALERT

At the end, Katie kills everyone and steals her sisters son!!!!!

Spoiler alert over.

Ok so now the third was a pre-prequel that really doesn't need to be explained. So This one takes place with Katie and Hunter, and explains what happens 6 years after the events of the first movie.

Problems - Most of the camera shots are from mac webcams, which is fine but the last one had a lot of fun moving cameras, this one didn't mostly static shots unless they were using the silly walking around with your camera and screaming BS. Still you never once got sick because of the camera. Most of the side characters kinda seems underdeveloped, the kids did a great job but the parents are pretty much non factors. LOTS of product placement, Gnarly head wine, Pepsi, xbox 360, are just a few that stood out. Finally, there's a big gap in the story from the first and they explain nothing about this creepy child who just shows up and apparently is a witch of some sort? not sure where he came from but whatever.

Things I liked - The stuff with the kinect was cool (yes they blatantly use the kinect to record shit) The story was interesting, despite being vague.

If you were a fan of the first three, this is a must see, if you just kinda liked the first three then this one is still fun and a welcome addition, but if you didn't like them at all, I wouldn't recommend it. Basically, this one isn't going to bring in any new fans, it was fun and enjoyable, but ultimately follows the same formula as the other 3.

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