Tuesday, October 12, 2010

the Eye but from hong kong...... so Jessica Alba isn't in it :(

Net Flix is great! they have like EVERYTHING! you want some strange bizarre movie about Koala's that know Kung fu, net flix has got it (why haven't I rented that one yet?) Or if you just want to see a movie that you thought was just some lame hollywood horror movie, but ACTUALLY was just some lame horror movie from Hong Kong, THEY'VE GOT THAT TOO! The people at net flix probably look at my account and are like "does this guy like any OTHER genre of movie?" Either way this movie isn't actually all that bad, the music is great, the atmosphere is really good on occasion, but it really takes a down turn after the little boy who the movie expects me to buy is actually a girl becomes important to the plot.

Mun lost her sight when she was two, she gets a cornea transplant and can SEE. this is actually just how the movie starts, I loved it! DIVE RIGHT IN, no need to go through a half an hour of character development, JUST GO RIGHT PAST THAT! They do actually develop the two main characters very well, and basically they're the only people in the movie so the character development is ok, but it really does just JUMP right in and that's fun. Regardless, Mun has a sister and a grandma, you don't see a lot of them, she is next to a little boy named Ying Ying who is apparently a girl but I have my suspicions, and she has her two doctors, the one responsible for her surgery and her psychologist who's responsible for teaching Mun what everything looks like. It's something that is just such a foreign idea, at one part he holds up a stapler and asks her what it is, and she wants to touch it because she can't tell what it is without touching the stapler!?!?!?!? ok, not all that exciting, but it's weird to think about if you had never seen anything, or at least hadn't seen anything since you were two, then you wouldn't know what anything looks like despite the fact that you've used them and they're still part of your every day life.

BACK to the story, Mun starts the movie, after the surgery, her vision is still very blurry, so she's not sure if she's just having problems with her vision or if she's seeing ghosts. This Black figure keeps showing up and walking off with people then vanishing. As her vision gets better so do the images of ghosts, and there are some cool ghosts. Like there's one who's all like "What are you doing in my chair?" and Mun's all like "Anyone else see this? anyone?" and then the ghost is all like "Get the F*** Outta my chair BI***" and then just owns her! That's about the best part of the movie, it starts to drag after Mun realizes the reflection she's been seeing in the mirror is actually a ghost, and they need to help her move on to the next life. After that nothing really happens, it stops being scary starts kinda boring. I know they needed to do SOMETHING to end the movie you couldn't just have mun seeing ghost after ghost getting scared and running away (although those are the most intense parts) but a horror movie should build intensity, not just give up on it.

The part I liked most about this movie was one scene where she's playing her violin with a group, basically she stops playing entirely, then starts this awesomely creepy song that she's playing on the violin whenever the camera focuses on her it's all black around her, it's really hectic and the music in this part in particular is just great! I tried to look it up on youtube because it really was something worth sharing, but I can only find the American version and it isn't the same, and my internet sucks, so that makes things difficult.

Sum up, the first half is good, the second half drags, they're cut together with a scene where Mun goes nuts on the violin. when you get to that part just turn it off and be like "Wow, that was fun"

I'm probably going to try to write one more of these tomorrow and then it's back to just whenever the hell i feel like it! But, if I don't get around to it, to thoses of you who have read these (danielle and squi) thank you for putting up with my masturbatory, unedited, undrafted, written off the top of my head, bullshit.

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