Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Wolfman

I saw the Wolfman movie last night, there are a lot of things i liked, there are a lot of things I didn't like but I can't think of a good intro so I'm just diving right in.

Things I liked:

The costume- how long has it been since we saw a wolfman in pants? most werewolves these days tear off all their clothes then run around the city streets naked. Seriously, I really liked the throwback wolfman.

Anthony Hopkins was in it-..................yup he was in it..........

Things I didn't like

There are essentially two types of werewolves - There are werewolves that Play electric guitar and basketball ala teen wolf (this same species can box on occasion too but only when they reach college, and are played by Jason Bateman)

Now that's definitely not the werewolf from this movie, because the English don't play basketball, if they do they're not very good at it, I mean they've never even won an olympic medal not even a bronze medal! and on top of all this it takes place before the invention of the electric guitar. I guess he could've played soccer and like a lute or something, but who wants to hang out with a soccer/lute playing werewolf? not me! I got a little off topic here......

The other type of werewolf is the type that uncontrollably eats people. but the werewolf from wolfman doesn't really seem to be either, he just kills people he doesn't do it very well he seems to be a new breed of werewolf that has fun killing people so he does it in really graphic ways and almost like he's trying to show off some nice special effects? but that would be silly I mean it's a wolf.....

there were a lot of jump scares - At no point in this movie was there any ACTUAL tension that you'd want from a horror movie just jump scares...... lame

here's a clip from teen wolf the cartoon


one thing that always drives me nuts about werewolf movies is the wolf is a pack animal, you'd think they'd hang more in packs and rarely do they with the exception on dog soldiers and wolves of wallstreet here's my favorite clip from wolves of wallstreet


so that's about it rent it no need to see it in theatres if you already haven't kinda boring kinda long not much to it.

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